Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Voting Machine is the weapon of choice

The voting machine has become the weapon of choice. This is no joking matter. It is a potential killer. They are proven to be easily corrupted and should not be trusted. Sure this is nothing new but are we really considering just how serious this problem is.

During the GOP campaign to elect the nominee for President there have been numerous contentious results, from the sublime to the ridiculous. The vote counts are clearly out of proportion with delegate activity and does not reflect anything close to reality. Mitt Romney has triumphed on the majority of occasions where support would appear either lacking or non-existent. Ron Paul who is hugely popular on the internet, holding rallies in front of thousands and receiving visible accolades and support hardly figures at the booths. 

Where do all these silent Romney supporters come from? They don't flag up on my computer. It is very difficult to even find a handful of pro Romney videos on YouTube. This nonsense will get worse as long as it remains continually unchallenged in order to carry forward the next groomed establishment slave. The technology is enforced. Did you vote for it? It has made life very easy for the establishment to manipulate.  

With war threatening Iran by both Republicans and Democrats it becomes ever more important to have a genuine voting system. By cheating the people they are effectively laughing at their helplessness. Once they've got their man in, they are pillaging pay packets and public money through 'their' candidate, writing up 'their' policies. 

The MSM do not assist the people either. They hide or trivialise controversy like this away, along with distorting information that is anti-establishment.  They happily glorify war and assist the public mindset to create the culture of killing. They glorify a perception of the teenagers trained to kill, so 'you don't have to'. U.S. children go to war barely out of school, barely having time to grasp what the world is about, barely having had time to fill a conscience or even an alternative career choice application. Many commit suicide, certainly more than are killed in action. Many are scarred for life at what they see and do. Many never get over it or the perverse attitude of their peers and leaders.

Voting machines should be banned. That's not to say hand counting can't be manipulated either but it is easier to see when fraud has been made. The sooner Libertarians clean America up the better for everyone the world over. Everybody needs to become an educator and spread the message to the apathetic, the nonchalant, the compliant and the ignorant. The masses do not understand the danger they are encouraging by being inactive or when they applaud control policies. Alex Jones is right. The people who control the country do not care much about the public. They have their contingency plans ready, but you don't figure in them.