Friday, 8 June 2012

Keep Calm and Carry Ron

Nobody likes the truth when it hurts.

To the horror of Ron Paul supporters, Rand Paul came out today and announced his endorsement for Mitt Romney on Hannity. This endorsement can only be with the approval of Dr. Ron Paul. He wouldn't stand against his own father who is supposedly still in the race without the go ahead. I can understand the need to get the establishment on board with Rand at sometime, and by doing so through popularism at this time is an indication of a back-room deal which will see Rand Paul become Vice President. The timing is terrible for all our efforts and support for Ron Paul and therefore a likely compromise. The compromise being to announce this endorsement before Tampa and get given the Vice President slot. Anything less is baffling. I'd say it was a clear message from Ron Paul and the expectation at Tampa, not to rebel. 

Those who argue that he has always maintained he will back the nominee have a valid point. If he ran for President in 2016 after another 4 years of Obama without endorsing the eventual nominee, it would likely comeback to haunt him through media and fellow campaigners alike, questioning his Republican credentials and seriously undermining his campaign. This is politics and sometimes you bite the bullet. However the timing is way off. Amongst Ron Paul Supporters, his father still has a chance to become the nominee and become the President ( as did W.G. Harding). Why not wait until the nominee is set in stone?

I believe this strategic endorsement is for the Republican Party, not Romney but will still backfire and effect his credibility amongst the loyal Ron Paul supporters. It has confused Liberty activist who generally will not accept the reasoning. Now Rand has endorsed Romney, with his fathers approval, while he is still in the race, the message is that no rebellion is wanted at Tampa. Ron Paul is not trying to become the President and simply wishes to influence the direction of the GOP - under Romney.

This is a sickening prospect. Romney is a war hungry, money-sucking leech and will have an exclusive, selective amount of benefactors. Everyone reading this is not invited to his exclusive club, but everyone reading this WILL be effected by his actions. He doesn't give an integral toss about any issue that would serve ordinary people, perhaps opting to throw you a bone occasionally. Nothing touches a man like this. For him it is all about power.

Mitt Romney is a man without conscience and no matter how many times he tilts his head or flutters his eyelashes, he will never convince me or you otherwise. Conscience is a gift that many of us are born with. All Ron Paul delegates must vote with their conscience. I therefore encourage you all to stay the course regardless of the direction you are being guided towards. Voice your opposition to the puppet at Tampa and your passion for why America must change it's domestic and foreign policy now. Liberty calls. Bound and rebound or Unbound and Unleash.

Keep right on to the end of the road.