Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Rupert Murdoch and The setting Sun

I am not the news. I'm just someone who writes about things that interest me, topical or not. My opinions will differ widely from others. For all I know there may occasionally be inaccuracies with my writing or readers may disagree with my understanding over subject matter or even perhaps, a statement I've discussed is wrong, based on my research. However, know this. These blogs are the truth.They are my truth. They are not a distortion or a manipulation or a lie. It is the world as I see it and how I want to share it back to the world. 

The Sun however, is a manipulating, sleazy rag that creates a false reality, lies to its readers, mocks mental illness, discriminates, is prejudice towards afflictions, culture and race and can even get people murdered. Rupert Murdoch advocates cultural wars based on his own prejudices and drives popular opinion forward through his rags and the Fox Network TV that also promote ethnic and illegal wars.

Rupert Murdoch created the perfect tool for manipulating the working class in 1969 when he copied The Mirror's success with a tabloid. A cheap, women's gossip magazine, with tits and sport, in the form of a paper.'The Sun' changed British Journalism broadsheets by creating a cheap sensationalist newspaper drawing on intrusive exclusives as must reads. Murdoch, who fled Australia, initially bought the English paper 'The News of the World' and later turned it into a soft porn celebrity scooping rag, before screwing it up and closing it down in shame over the scandal of phone tapping. 

Ok, Ok. I know. It's a tabloid. This is what they do and if people didn't want it they wouldn't buy it. Tabloid newspapers reflect their audience and copy each others editorials. Culturally and historically they have been run by white, middle-class males who unconsciously and otherwise spew out their own narrow views on other's cultures in mind games to gain popular support by the uneducated. That's fair. Many broadsheets are too intellectual, even pretentious and dull. And to be fair The Sun copied The Mirror (The Mirror originally owned The Sun in 1963 as The Herald) who in turn began copying The Sun when it became more popular in the 1970's. The Mirror pretty much became The Sun when Piers Morgan was editor (Unsurprising considering that's where he came from). Also I want to make it clear. As a teenager and young adult I bought The Sun regularly from 1985 to 1989. I was part of the culture and enjoyed the quick fix news items. My parents bought The Sun too. It was a working class ritual which I didn't question.

Ex-Sun and then Editor of 'The Mirror' Piers Morgan creates 'The Sun II'

My personal distain for The Sun began with the cruel attacks on, the then England Football Manager, Bobby Robson. The onslaught, which began around 1986 was disgusting and was a true test of Bobby's resilience and the strength of the F.A. that he didn't go, one way or another. They were even giving away 'Sack Bobby badges'. The paper was still at it during the World Cup in 1990. Continually trying to undermine him and sway public opinion. Now they laud him as a hero for a hugely successful career. However, the abuse Bobby got paled into significance when I recall how they got away with the scandalous attacks on Graham Taylor. They superimposed a swede to his head when England lost to Sweden and continually referred to him as Turnip Taylor. The most childish bullying reporting that was allowed under freedom of speech. I'd already stopped buying it way before that though.

Not to exaggerate my dismissal and with fear of being deemed a hypocrite I have occasionally flicked through the rag over the years, as you would any 'tacky' magazine when you're bored. However, the day I stopped buying The Sun regularly, was the day after Hillsborough. I'm not a scouser, but I totally understand their contempt and hatred of The Sun for the negative reporting of supporters' conduct by Kelvin Mackenzie during the Hillsborough disaster that cost 96 lives. The readership in Liverpool dropped from around 55,000 to 8000 and nationally by 200,000 following 'The Truth' headline and report. What The Sun did was give out a perception that tainted, not only all the Liverpool supporters who were there but, football fans in general.

However, this wasn't the reason I stopped buying it. I hadn't even seen that report until years later which actually could only reinforced my decision. I stopped buying it because I was opposed to the full front page image of fans crushed up against a fence. I was only 22 at the time and I remember it actually reduced me to tears. I didn't cry because of the image per se. Yes I was absolutely disgusted that The Sun decided to display the distorted faces of these poor people so brazenly, but without any compassion for those families viewing their loved ones? For me the violation of stripping away human decency, the disregard of their dignity and the contempt for humanity was so strong that I could not imagine the pain of being any one of those parents. My pain was merely imaginative over seeing my child in such pain and on public display. That was too much to consider. I didn't know who Rupert Murdoch was back then, but what a cold heartless bastard he must be to have allowed that picture to go out. I still don't know to this day if any of those people had died and I'm afraid I don't want to, but I do know it had a profound effect on me that the thought still makes me shiver.

Over the years as I have grown up I have scrutinized the media more and more and have realised, how incredibly manipulative and biased journalists are for their editors. Many sources, such as Rupert Murdoch's rags and TV news networks serve major banks and huge corporations and therefore control how you receive your news. They gain OUR collective support for illegal and disgraceful wars to assist OUR government officials and spin out a belief that the wars are necessary and justly. The politicians against wars, of course are ignored, lied about or made fun of as they are a danger to the 'status quo'. My blind hope would be that The Leverson Inquiry, could really make a difference to unbind politics and the media in the UK.  If the Libertarians get past the voting 'fraud' machines in the US they might be able to get someone with integrity in office to do something about their propaganda.  Who knows...? To be honest I doubt either will happen and I doubt the majority of either country even cares.

The Sun has been dumbing down news and people's imagination in preference of titillation, for 40+ years and  manipulating minds in order to get 'their' guy in office. They rely on your lack of knowledge or lack of interest in politics to vote for who they tell you is 'popular' and who is 'bad'. This they manage to do by reporting comparatively little about issues and more about personalities and private information. They gain your support in the voting booth by continually portraying themselves with patriotic themes and endless national symbolism. Considering (the Australian) Rupert Murdoch carries out the same strategy to sell his businesses in America his 'patriotism' is truly repugnant to me. The Sun gives its readers rhythmical and whimsical headlines along with an unhealthy fixation on celebrity mischief as if it's important information. It passes itself off as 'one of the lads' and then fabricates stories about more serious issues to gain popular support to push for controversial policies that can only suppress personal freedoms.

During the Leverson Inquiry and through his testimony over the phone tapping scandal along with payments to police, he has tried to convince us all he knew nothing about these practices. Even The Sun readers are not this gullible, however unless there is proof there is no conviction. Shame! If only for the unethical practices and harm his papers and television companies have had on individual lives over the years AND because of the wars he has promoted and pursued, it would have been justice to see him incarcerated. I will be very happy when the general public finally advances from this rag to the far superior, free independent news on the internet. Considering the circulation has dropped from 7.6 million to 2.6 million in 18 months this may be a reality sooner rather than later. I am glad Murdoch speaks of this actuality with glum resignation.

If you do buy The Sun look closely. Aside from the patriotic push to convince you it's your mate, how much real topical news is there in it and how biased is the reporting? How many half page/ full page ads are there. How many items can you get from 'women magazines' and actually are there stories that have been pulled from other publications? Are some of the articles even about what happened yesterday? What are they promoting today? Someone's book or tokens to some deal? Seriously, ask yourself what do you buy it for?

And then stop!

To complain to the press complaints commission you need to go to the website http://www.pcc.org.uk/ Once there you will see a green box with the heading 'making a complaint' - move your cursor over this box and you will see 4 options appear - choose 'Complaint Form' and click on it. A form will appear. You need to fill out the date - your name - your address - your email and state which newspaper you are complaining over, the publication date and the headline.  Make sure you fill out all the correct fields or the complaint will not be recognised. You can open up another window in internet explorer as it will save you struggling to fill the form in. And begin - "We're complaining about the Sun - or SCUM as we call it here..."


Monday, 11 June 2012

Stimulating my Endocannabinoids until I go blind!

Dr. Balthazar Bekker in 1715 wrote "Onania, or the Heinous Sin of self-Pollution, And All Its Frightful Consequences, In Both Sexes, Considered: With Spiritual and Physical Advice To Those Who Have Already Injured Themselves By This Abominable Practice." It stated that -

"Disturbances of the stomach and digestion, loss of appetite or ravenous hunger, vomiting, nausea, weakening of the organs of breathing, coughing, hoarseness, paralysis, weakening of the organ of generation to the point of impotence, lack of libido, back pain, disorders of the eye and ear, total diminution of bodily powers, paleness, thinness, pimples on the face, decline of intellectual powers, loss of memory, attacks of rage, madness, idiocy, epilepsy, fever and finally suicide."

This was not the effects of drugs but the effects of masturbation. The beliefs, numerous treatments and consequential barbaric cures regarding masturbation continued in the scientific field until as late as 1897. Psychological treatments continued thereafter and the myths still continue today such was the strength of the establishment's power to condition the masses. So now we have an understanding that established public servants will outrageously lie to the public to exert their will, ask yourselves why cannabis is prohibited and why the establishment have been lying to us since around the 1930's?

Since the 1930's our governments have been actively convincing the mass population around the world that cannabis can be fatally bad for us. All kinds of propaganda and distortions of truth have been used to do this, not unlike the list of detrimental effects surrounding masturbation. However research, life experience, contradictory evidence and continual resistance are proving this persistent message to be false - intentionally false. The lies surrounding cannabis however are not carried out for the same reasoning as the lies surrounding 'masturbation madness'. 

Why? Well, it wasn't only because it was pushed by lobbyist from pharmaceutical companies and oil companies to stranglehold their respected industries. It was also because of racism and the fear that white girls would be lead astray by 'the black man'. This was indeed the reason for cannabis to be widely referred to as 'Marijuana'. This term was used by black Americans and made familiar through government propaganda to encourage wider condemnation, by those good honest to god, law-abiding, middle-class, god-fearing, self-governing, white gullible 'sheeple'. 

At the Leveson enquiry (regarding The Culture, Practice and Ethics of the Press) in 2012, the ex-Prime Minister, Gordon Brown discussed when he reclassified cannabis in 2009. It was suggested he did so to appease Rupert Murdoch who has a vested interest to be 'anti-cannabis' expressly because of the monopoly of pharmaceutical and oil corporations, who are backed by the same banks and the same politicians. Through News Corporation attempts continue to sway popular culture to believe cannabis to be harmful.

Brown denies this of course and tries to convince us that he has strong principles i.e. he 'felt cannabis was dangerous anyway'. So much for science then Gordon. Regardless of the truth, Brown is sucked in to the paranoia set out by the bullshit of the 1930's. Creating laws to bring about his own personal preference is ILLEGAL - He should have been stopped by the spineless MPs at the time. The House of Lords and the justice system which should have blocked it too. Under his own admission he should now be brought to justice for abusing his position.

The video above of Dr. Donald Tashkin's MD (U.C.L.A) research explains that heavy cannabis users have less exposure to lung cancer than those who smoke nothing at all. 5000 years of cannabis use and not a single documented death. We are cannabis' perfect partner because our bodies receptors (endocannabinoids) are designed to respond to the ingredient THC. Cannabis rids our bodies of faulty cells. Block our endocannabinoids and we can become less interested in food, depressed, suicidal and more open to tumours. Stimulate our endocannabinoids and we get the 'munchies', are euphoric, placid and less likely to get cancer. Why is it we have the perfect receptors in our bodies to receive cannabis? The same way we have minerals in our body. It's all part of evolution baby! 

If you still believe cannabis is so bad for you because the establishment tells you it is - JFK was assassinated by a lone gunman, building seven of the World Trade Centre fell down and the war on Iraq was started because Bush and Blair believed them to have 'Weapons of Mass Destruction'. Oh and there is an invisible man in the sky who loves you, unless you do something he doesn't like in which case he will send you to burn in hell!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Citius, Altius, Fortius and the impact of an Empire

While helping my son with his school project on India, I was reminded just how suppressive the Empire had been on the country. The knock on effect after independence in 1947 left a broke country with massive debts, followed by three wars with it's newly partitioned neighbour Pakistan and a dispute over Kashmir that is still ongoing to this day. Harsh austerity measures, in order to pay off their debts, hurt millions in India right up into the 1990's and beyond. With its many languages, cultures and religions, India is highly diverse. This is also reflected in its federal political system, whereby power is shared between the central government and 28 states.

 Over the past 30 years the country has managed to turn around it's fortune to become one of the fastest growing economies in the world. This largely thanks to the policies of the now Prime Minister, Manmahon Singh. His policies opened up free market trading and is an example of how non-intervention can benefit a country. It's by no means ideal. There are still millions in poverty (est. 40%) and building the infrastructure still has a long way to go. Starvation is still reported in the Bihar region and famine and malnutrition are never far away. Yet the Rupee is strong when viewed historically and although growth has stuttered, foreign trade and investment continues to expand. 

The project I am helping my son with is investigating a country competing in the Olympic games. Bearing in mind that India is the second most populated country behind China, with 1.2 billion citizens it had only won it's first individual gold medal in 2008. Incredibly 2008 was India's best games ever with one gold and two bronze medals. In total India has won only 20 medals in over a hundred years mostly coming from the team sport, Hockey (believed to be a fall back from the Empire days of playing Polo). When you compare this to the 429 medals of China, another impoverished country that also has had a fast growing economy over the past 30 years the contrast is striking. In fact Ireland with it's population today of 4.6 million has managed more individual medals than India.

There may well be a number of factors that has contributed to this poor showing but ultimately it can only lead to the effect of the economy. The poor infrastructure, poverty, lack of materials and facilities, poor diets and health leading back to the ransacking of material, resources and wealth by the British is obvious. China arguably has had an even tougher time according to Western history, with Chairman Mao's social policy being responsible for the starvation of millions by preventing the release of grain. China has had a very tough time economically with austerity measures similar to India. China has been involved with many conflicts with it's neighbours similar to India. And yet the comparable difference between medal hauls is immense. The main difference between India and China is that China was never colonised by a foreign power. China never had their people serving foreigners as their masters. China's wealth, although tied into the state, was never stolen. Their diamonds exported and beset in the Crown Jewels of the British Monarchy seen during the Diamond Jubilee weekend.

When I sat back and considered all this information it did leave me with some hope. Hope because India had shook off the shackles of tyranny and after having dug in and battled turned their fortunes around. Hope because such a large democratic country was taking back it's pride. Hope because this nation should achieve their biggest medal tally this summer having had invested more through their prosperity. Hope because the people of India must be growing healthier and stronger. Hope because their two-term Prime Minister is steering them in a better direction that will hopefully continue to help the people prosper.

 And yet overall it left me feeling sad because of the truth. The truth that Empire building will at best suppress and at worst destroy. I didn't share my thoughts with my son but when I looked at the bigger picture, I realised just how stacked the game is. It is so rigged it is hardly worth playing.

Medal Table

Iran                48
India               20
Pakistan         10
Vietnam           2
Afghanistan     1
Iraq                 1
Laos                0
Libya               0
Palestine         0
Yemen            0
U.S.A        2549

Friday, 8 June 2012

Keep Calm and Carry Ron

Nobody likes the truth when it hurts.

To the horror of Ron Paul supporters, Rand Paul came out today and announced his endorsement for Mitt Romney on Hannity. This endorsement can only be with the approval of Dr. Ron Paul. He wouldn't stand against his own father who is supposedly still in the race without the go ahead. I can understand the need to get the establishment on board with Rand at sometime, and by doing so through popularism at this time is an indication of a back-room deal which will see Rand Paul become Vice President. The timing is terrible for all our efforts and support for Ron Paul and therefore a likely compromise. The compromise being to announce this endorsement before Tampa and get given the Vice President slot. Anything less is baffling. I'd say it was a clear message from Ron Paul and the expectation at Tampa, not to rebel. 

Those who argue that he has always maintained he will back the nominee have a valid point. If he ran for President in 2016 after another 4 years of Obama without endorsing the eventual nominee, it would likely comeback to haunt him through media and fellow campaigners alike, questioning his Republican credentials and seriously undermining his campaign. This is politics and sometimes you bite the bullet. However the timing is way off. Amongst Ron Paul Supporters, his father still has a chance to become the nominee and become the President ( as did W.G. Harding). Why not wait until the nominee is set in stone?

I believe this strategic endorsement is for the Republican Party, not Romney but will still backfire and effect his credibility amongst the loyal Ron Paul supporters. It has confused Liberty activist who generally will not accept the reasoning. Now Rand has endorsed Romney, with his fathers approval, while he is still in the race, the message is that no rebellion is wanted at Tampa. Ron Paul is not trying to become the President and simply wishes to influence the direction of the GOP - under Romney.

This is a sickening prospect. Romney is a war hungry, money-sucking leech and will have an exclusive, selective amount of benefactors. Everyone reading this is not invited to his exclusive club, but everyone reading this WILL be effected by his actions. He doesn't give an integral toss about any issue that would serve ordinary people, perhaps opting to throw you a bone occasionally. Nothing touches a man like this. For him it is all about power.

Mitt Romney is a man without conscience and no matter how many times he tilts his head or flutters his eyelashes, he will never convince me or you otherwise. Conscience is a gift that many of us are born with. All Ron Paul delegates must vote with their conscience. I therefore encourage you all to stay the course regardless of the direction you are being guided towards. Voice your opposition to the puppet at Tampa and your passion for why America must change it's domestic and foreign policy now. Liberty calls. Bound and rebound or Unbound and Unleash.

Keep right on to the end of the road. 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Voting Machine is the weapon of choice

The voting machine has become the weapon of choice. This is no joking matter. It is a potential killer. They are proven to be easily corrupted and should not be trusted. Sure this is nothing new but are we really considering just how serious this problem is.

During the GOP campaign to elect the nominee for President there have been numerous contentious results, from the sublime to the ridiculous. The vote counts are clearly out of proportion with delegate activity and does not reflect anything close to reality. Mitt Romney has triumphed on the majority of occasions where support would appear either lacking or non-existent. Ron Paul who is hugely popular on the internet, holding rallies in front of thousands and receiving visible accolades and support hardly figures at the booths. 

Where do all these silent Romney supporters come from? They don't flag up on my computer. It is very difficult to even find a handful of pro Romney videos on YouTube. This nonsense will get worse as long as it remains continually unchallenged in order to carry forward the next groomed establishment slave. The technology is enforced. Did you vote for it? It has made life very easy for the establishment to manipulate.  

With war threatening Iran by both Republicans and Democrats it becomes ever more important to have a genuine voting system. By cheating the people they are effectively laughing at their helplessness. Once they've got their man in, they are pillaging pay packets and public money through 'their' candidate, writing up 'their' policies. 

The MSM do not assist the people either. They hide or trivialise controversy like this away, along with distorting information that is anti-establishment.  They happily glorify war and assist the public mindset to create the culture of killing. They glorify a perception of the teenagers trained to kill, so 'you don't have to'. U.S. children go to war barely out of school, barely having time to grasp what the world is about, barely having had time to fill a conscience or even an alternative career choice application. Many commit suicide, certainly more than are killed in action. Many are scarred for life at what they see and do. Many never get over it or the perverse attitude of their peers and leaders.

Voting machines should be banned. That's not to say hand counting can't be manipulated either but it is easier to see when fraud has been made. The sooner Libertarians clean America up the better for everyone the world over. Everybody needs to become an educator and spread the message to the apathetic, the nonchalant, the compliant and the ignorant. The masses do not understand the danger they are encouraging by being inactive or when they applaud control policies. Alex Jones is right. The people who control the country do not care much about the public. They have their contingency plans ready, but you don't figure in them.