Saturday, 31 March 2012

RESPECT for George Galloway

George Galloway Savages SKY NEWS

Congratulations to George Galloway on his election victory in BradfordWest on the 29th March 2012. I have compiled these videos for people to listen to his message. This is historic and hopefully the start that will challenge the establishment and reinvent politics. If George can get organised nationwide and gather men and women of integrity then a true challenge to the political establishment and murderous corrupt system dictated by the banks, corporations and mainstream media can become a reality.  

Bradford West Victory Speech

Even if you do not agree with everything or even anything that George stands for, it is vital in politics that there is always a voice that objects to aggression and oppressive behaviour against other nations. Not particularly because those nations represent ideologies that do not necessarily represent our 'democratic' way of life and not particularly because we are taught through our media to fear 'difference', but because when we are discussing the strategic strikes and bombing of countries, we miss the point that these are real people, with real lives, with real families involved with real pain and emotion and death. And because these people have nothing to do with what the leaders of each country decide.

George Galloway ambushed by Andrew Neill

George Galloway's epic rant against Rupert Murdoch

Our 'democratic' nations always have to question the motives and rationale behind going to war. It is important that men and women like George stand up without fear of reprisal and even ridicule, to inform the nation of the underlying reasons and historical knowledge behind political decision making. These are the educators who help us balance and make sense of our world. A job that the mainstream media should do but do not because they are corporate led and were bought up by the banks decades ago. 

George Galloway on Young Voters Question Time

George Galloway Vs The US Senate (Full Video)

George champions inequality and injustice and does so in plain English and hard truths. He refuses to suffer the fools and sneaks within the media and is so sharp and astute that when interviewed he is unlikely to be silenced or deflected away from his message. People like George play a valuable part in showing up issues that are reported on with bias and corporate interest to provide us with the alternative and often   'just' argument. 

George Galloway on Tony Blair

George lost his position in the Labour Party for doing just this. For questioning an unjust Iraq war and calling Tony Blair to task for following the 'warmongers' of America, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. This war under the pretence that Iraq had nuclear weapons and proven wrong after the dust had settled on thousands of dead Iraqis and the forced return of the Iraq economy from the Euro to the 'Petrodollar', which was the true reason for the war. 

George Galloway on Sky News giving them what for over Cuba

In my opinion, George can be a little too extreme in his rhetoric to say the least, which of course puts off potential supporters and can be damaging to his credibility. I love that he does go for the jugular and although recognising his superior knowledge over the Middle East and other subjects, he may over cook it at times. I believe this is holding him and his message back with would be voters and by being more subtle could also win him more supporters inside government and the media too. However, I very much admire the passionate integrity he has, which certainly inspires me if not the masses. This is not unlike Ron Paul in the U.S., who although much milder in delivery has been ridiculed and marginalised in the media for years regarding his passionate libertarian message. 

George Galloway vs Christopher Hitchins (Full Debate)

My only disappointment is that George is not a Ron Paul supporter. I understand his reasons and respect that. George is a socialist and Ron Paul is a Conservative. George advocates for a nationalised health system and welfare system, whereas Ron Paul believes that the welfare system encourages lethargy and lack of freedom and choice. On this they are poles apart. I agree with George on this too. I believe the government should assist it's people from circumstances that are unfair. However both are against unjust wars and the corrupt reasons for going to war. I am inspired by both men because of their intelligence  and understanding of corruption throughout an establishment that promotes 'crony capitalism' and 'false democracy'. They both see through and show up the government/corporate led media machine and the 'spoon-fed fear-mongering' which encourages people to support military action against innocent people of certain cultures.

War With Iran By George Galloway (Must Watch)

Iran is not a punchbag

Despite the media's efforts to suggest otherwise, George Galloway does not support any Middle East despot dictator. I believe conditions and alienation has pushed his rhetoric to appear more extreme alongside media interest which pigeon hole their questions and opinion. He simply believes the UK and US and NATO should not intervene in the internal struggles of other countries through 'strategic bombing' that kills many more innocent lives than anything else. Particular as there is an imbalance over the countries Western Democracy wishes to 'protect'. George Galloway believes in diplomacy and will put himself on the front line to conduct those talks, just as the Muslim Muhammed Ali did. Nobody attacked Muhammed for doing so.  

Good Luck George, your voice in parliament is required.