Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Q. Why Impeach Obama? A. Libya, Israel, $16 trillion debt, BasharAl-Assad.....

If you, like many, are of the persuasion that Barack Obama is doing a good job and just gets bad press from Republicans then you need to have another look. Ok, first off I have already written a blog on Obama previously exposing the numerous deceptions he made to get into office and how not only did he not deliver but carried out actions in direct opposition to his original statements. (Links at bottom of this page). I have also displayed how he has become more tyrannical than Bush, having allowed more bombs to be set off under his administration.

So what is all the talk about impeachment? Well many people are still in the dark about this because the CIA led and global corporate media have decided to 'black out' this knowledge from the public. Fortunately in this age of reliable independent news and social media sites the information is readily available. An impeachment has not been ordered, lets make that clear from the off. Regardless of the independent news hysteria, Rep. Walter Jones has introduced a resolution that if the president uses offensive military action without the authorisation of Congress that it would be "an impeachable crime and misdemeanour". However, as this has already happened regarding the attacks on Libya and has already occurred previously with Bush and Cheney, an impeachment of the president is highly unlikely.

The Obama administration has openly stated that they do not seek Congress approval but International agreement from NATO. and the United Nations to attack other countries. Of course this is in direct contradiction to his Oath of Office and the American Constitution. The Constitution is very much an outdated record these days of course, regardless of the continual references back to it. Obama's administration AND Congress will sign off some 40,000 bills this year. Many of them tweak existing laws and increase power over their citizens, violating the original intention of the constitution. I'm sure most people are now aware of some of the more publicised laws out there today, e.g., NDAA, Patriots Act, Trespass Act, FEMA, SOPA...the list goes on. It is all designed to prevent freedom and liberty. Training for Martial Law also suggest an acceptance that economical, social and militaristic issues and policies are gearing America up for really tough times ahead.

The picture above shows a pit of dead Libyans wiped out by the rebels supported by Obama, Cameron and Sarkozy and Al-Thani of Qatar, who illegally became involved in a war against Gadhafi. If you are not aware of the reason behind this war then reference my blog regarding the Petrodollar and the Gold Dinar (Links at bottom of this blog). Now Israel have began agitating war against Iran regarding a nuclear program. Israel's threat is America's threat. Just as NATO attacked Libya, Israel make this threat on behalf of the U.S. Again this is because of the petrodollar and Iran's dismissal of it and no other reason. As Israel gains firm support from the U.S. it thereafter reasserts it's own atrocities on Palestinians without fear of reprisal. Click the link below for a graphic account of today's military action (12 March 2012).


Of course, to pay for these acts of aggression and the huge cost of going after Osama Bin Laden, the president raised the debt ceiling again. Rep. Scott in July 2011 brought attention also to the president's "unconstitutional usurpation of power" over raising the debt ceiling to $16trillion without Congressional approval. Of course prior to office Obama had stated that the then $9 trillion dollar debt was "unpatriotic". Therefore is this further abuse an act of treason considering he is only too aware of the damage done to the economy? Rep Scott feared at that time that the American people may revolt. However now that protesting has been ordered against within the Trespass Act, Americans may think twice about arguing against Obama who has become a 'despot dictator'.

Syria has become the hotbed of tyranny. The videos on YouTube are horrific and appear to be led by Syrian troops and there is much evidence supporting that. Nowhere appears to be safe with reports that injured victims are also being attacked in hospitals including indiscriminate killing of children and babies. Media crews are also kept out adding to the support of these claims. Yet The U.S. do not (openly) engage in military intervention against them because Russia and China are against it. There are also unsubstantiated reports that 15,000 NATO mercenaries are killing civilians in Syria, in a plot by the U.S. to overthrow the Syrian government and not Syrian soldiers. What are we to believe? Maybe both?

(I was going to insert a video here to provide an example of the torture I've viewed but I've decided they are too disturbing for my blog. However the evidence on YouTube is compelling. There are also numerous defection video's which are very revealing and do look authentic. Here is also a link to a Channel 4 documentary in the UK but to be honest, I doubt it works outside the UK: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/syrias-torture-machine/4od )

Historically there is also much suspicion regarding the Arab Spring of 2011, which involved numerous Middle Eastern countries including Syria, while the U.S. quietly snuck into Pakistan and took out Bin Laden. There are those who suggest the CIA led these revolts and not social media as was reported, in order to gain a foothold in the Middle East as well as get Bin Laden unopposed. Syria was hit with U.S. sanctions after March 2011 in reaction to the Syrian military regime's violence towards the revolt. Syria is of course pro-Iranian and against the U.S./Israel pact. Something clearly needs to be done in Syria however given how the U.S. involves themselves and even provokes these situations, they should not be included.

However, my final point concerns perception and image and why these men are so dangerous. People are often seduced and support charismatic leaders even when it is visibly apparent that the most heinous actions are directly attributable to them. The normalcy bias stops people from believing that their beloved leader could be that bad. Decent people always want to see the good in others and often develop a blind faith.

Bassar Al-Assad is the charismatic President of Syria. He looks and speaks like a reasonable man. He appears very personable. His wife is attractive and educated. However the crimes against humanity are stacking up in Syria and good men need to stand up and challenge the control and power he has.

Barack Obama is the charismatic President of the USA. He looks and speaks like a reasonable man. He appears very personable. His wife is attractive and educated. However his crimes against humanity are stacking up in America and good men need to stand up and challenge the control and power he has.

Barack Obama must be removed from office. I am of no political persuasion and believe Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum would continue with the same CIA led policies, that interfere with other countries' internal affairs and see that thousands of innocent lives are lost or forever damaged. The only real hope America has at this present time is Dr. Ron Paul who has categorically stated that he would bring all U.S. troops home and set up diplomacy. I believe in his integrity and trust he would do this. It is down to the American people to bring peace to this world.

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
- Edmund Burke