Friday, 9 March 2012

America. Pledge allegiance? OK. Blindly follow? No!

Recently I was reading up on the most evil people in the world (see Joseph Kony) and as people brought up the Bush's and Obama, an American said (amongst other things), "If America is so evil then why don't they just nuke Iran." I don't normally waste my effort on the ignorant masses, especially the fanatically blind faith brigade. My rants are usually reserved for a more educated audience like yourselves to pick up on or else it's a waste of energy. However, as I was in the mood and scathing over the victories the GOP and the MSM had over the masses*,  I replied. So below is that reply. Enjoy :) 

"They cant just nuke a country or they will be tried for war crimes. They are far smarter and sneakier than that. Iraq, Libya and consequently Iran were/are targets for its efforts in weakening the dollar. You know about OPEC countries and the petrodollar I would have thought? The 1971 agreement means U.S. got oil for virtually nothing and could print the shit out of the dollar at little consequence. Well, the little consequence of China, Japan, Europe, Russia and even India is now a big consequence. When OPEC countries decide no longer to trade in the US Dollar because they can get a better deal with the Euro or maybe later on the Yuan or at this rate even the Rupee or Dinar, then America will wage war. Everything else is a smoke screen (or a bonus). Things are so bad now America is prepared for Martial Law in case you all revolt when the economy falls apart and when the U.S. starts attacking the world to protect it's interest. Your police became paramilitaries and the Army has practiced in your towns. Or didn't you notice this while you were watching the game, eating hot dogs and supping your bottle of Bud, all the while waving your flag and singing along to Whitney?

 BTW my advice to you, always keep an open mind and an open eye over everything you see and hear and look beyond the MSM. Your corporation news is the worst in the world for manipulation, lies and covering up truth.  Even Russia Today news is less driven to be one sided. Don't blindly dismiss 9/11 as an inside job either. Have you honestly watched any of the numerous movies? Ask yourself that question, don't tell me. I don't care. There is overwhelming evidence regarding the twin towers along with the 'CIA building' as being 'pulled down' rather than just 'falling down'. There is so much evidence pointing at the CIA, no different to JFK, but then I'm guessing you buy that 'lone sniper report' yes?

9/11 couldn't be carried out just for oil, you ask? Not just oil no, but its a major reason, not to mention the Kuwaiti gold that went missing from the basement of one of the towers (for a twist, research 'Barrick Gold'. Oh and look for the truckload that didn't manage to get away). Many people have no concept of just how much the U.S. relies on the 'Petrodollar' to prop up their economy and that China's dominance by 2016 as the leading economic superpower will be one of the most significant events of our generation (10 years ago U.S. economy was three times bigger than China's).  Even the UK would be forced to buy with Euro's (and Yuan's) as the dollar becomes worthless. It wasn't so long ago either (2008) that China and Russia denounced the dollar to set up a pact, much played down in the U.S. press. (As was the sale of 2 nuclear reactors from Russia to China). At this moment the USD is still used for 80% of all the world's foreign exchange trades and 50% of all exports. This is going to change significantly.

The last time the U.S. had a surplus was 1975 and its been in deficit ever since, yet it's economy grew by flooding USD around the globe in exchange for goods. Depression is coming my friend and wars are a way of slowing it down by raiding a country of it's assets and bullying it into trading with USD again. Iraq began trading in Euros rather than USD in November 2000. By March 2003 the U.S. began the war against them, by June Iraq was back trading USD. War was also a deterrent against the threat of others pulling out of the Dollar. Libya and Iran weren't put off and look where that's gone. Attacking Iran would be criminal and a waste because it's already too late. When the OPEC conference meet in Libya this year, for the first time since November 2007, they are seriously debating moving away from the USD in favour of the Euro. As if the U.S. needs public support anyway they can go teach Iran a lesson and scare OPEC away from converting. Today, I seriously wouldn't be surprised if the Statue of Liberty gets it next, Like the 2 towers its a great symbolic target and is in dire need of renovation. Could they get away with it again? Well? It reminds those who need to know just what drastic measures the U.S. are willing to undertake to protect their economy. 

Today the USA is one of the most dangerous places in the world aided by the apathetic and passive nature of the general public, towards the government's march towards dictatorship and a police state. Check out the new laws (40000 new bills this year alone) and listen to their fearmongering lies about Iran's nuclear program. If Iran developed nuclear weapons at their current pace they'll hold the same amount of missiles as Israel by the year 17012. No. It most certainly is about the 'Petrodollar' my friends and the inevitable superpower that China is becoming. This is bad news for the U.S. and their citizens will soon all be feeling it.

I don't think evil can be measured by how many people lost their lives at the hands of tyranny because if you are able to create atrocities on any single person you are equally evil in my eyes, but since you want to fly the American flag you need to realise the evil from the many deaths that come from U.S. actions. Not just one person either but many and within the whole mindset behind the CIA for decades. How many wars and innocent lives were lost through sabotage, coercion, assassinations, arming rebels, and getting involved in anything that benefits them? Have you any idea of the underhand tactics your great nation plays or how many countries the CIA have been involved in and the atrocities that has caused?  I haven't time for this so do some research, stop being naive and WAKE UP. All that patriotic shit you were taught at school is to give you blind faith and unquestionable bias towards your country, like many other fanatical countries, You're no different except your country is less transparent and much stronger and subversive than others. Its propaganda. Brainwashing you from an early age so you feel it almost to religious heights. This is why all the commercialism carries limited sincerity and 'corporation' news coverage provides over-the-top sensationalism on the wrong story and is more like a political broadcast. You are shown what to care about and what to fear and are subsequently diverted away from truth. Good luck."

(*NB I intentionally state 'victories the GOP and the MSM had over the masses' and not over Ron Paul because he is already Liberated)

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