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North Korea vs America: Who are they kidding?

The fear of attacks from North Korea has been raised since the beginning of this year (2012). Since Kim Jung Il died there has been an expected amount of interest in the media and questions as to whether North Korea poses a potential risk. Focus has been on their new leader Kim Jung Un, their military and nuclear capabilities, their closed borders, their economy and above all its speculated attitude toward human rights and freedom of speech. The mainstream media, show us a country racked in tyranny and destitution. 

Consider this: 3.5 - 4 million Homeless. 1.5 million children homeless. Kids speak of eating rats to survive and of wide-scale abuse. People living in sewage systems or tents in the woods. 46 million are impoverished.  Their secret police have caused more deaths than Hitler. Their incarcerated criminals in total and by percentage are higher than any other country in the world accounting for 25% of all the world's total prison population (7.5 million). 

Their government implement many control measures to keep their public subdued and suppressed which can include removing people and placing them in special 'camps' with no trial. Their National disasters are surrounded with conspiracy and suspicion. Their police are militarised and becoming more aggressive with each passing day and little is done in the way of justice to prevent violations. 

With an economy on a knife edge their military are poised on the edge of starting major war. Their media reports with bias and falsity. Positive propaganda is sent out about their rulers when it benefits them and negative propaganda when it doesn't. 15% are without work. Their National debt has increased to $16 trillion and their currency is becoming devalued and unpopular around the globe.

That's right not North Korea. This is America today. Most of the news reported by US main stream media is not only biased but is also one of the worst for manipulating your opinions and hiding the real stories and of course the real truths. Today you must turn off CNN and FOX etc. and with an open mind watch selective news coverage on the internet if you are going to get anywhere near reality. I have a number of  excellent news links on this webpage. 

When the media or the governmental commentators cast aspersions and fear regarding countries like North Korea - who they have purposely held down for decades - you know what they say - Pebbles and rocks in eyes, kettles, pots, black. Oh and stones and glasshouses. Well something like that. Today's growth in North Korea is actually a lot better than the US economy. That's not to say it isn't a poor country but the US are in serious turmoil and really need to concentrate on their own people's welfare instead parenting the world to suit their economy.

Before I continue I'll make this clear. North Korea has a very disturbing side to it and clearly requires social reforms to help ALL its people. It is still very impoverished generally with a dictatorial regime. It has a 'military first' philosophy, as they are determined to protect their independence from the threat of attack from the likes of the US and South Korea. North Korea has it's unique culture, which of course is alien to us. The trouble with the masses is that generally they believe the brainwashing on the telly, are lethargic when it comes to research, are media fed, commercially bound, overweight, overfed arses (not you of course, reader :D ). 

The North Korean way of life wouldn't suit us Westerners or many others around the globe, which coupled with 'propaganda' news makes it seem hostile to us. However their way of life is their normality and their purpose. Yes, North Korea has suffered more than its share of problems,  greatly through droughts, famine, flooding, self reliance, isolationism and of course US sanctions.  Atrocities? Almost certainly back in the 1950's when North Korea was shaping its way of life. Today? Well anything is possible, there has certainly been criminal kidnappings in recent years, but like it or nor their rules on trespassing are quite clear, so who would violate those laws knowing what they are?

  I've also heard first hand conflicting accounts as to human rights violations and as the news is fed in a biased way we must be open minded to these issues. (I used to work with many South Koreans who reported good and bad about both North Korea and South Korea). Neglect? Most definitely, particularly during the natural disasters, but almost certainly people and children are left to fend for themselves come-what-may even though there are state programs that provide food rations, housing, healthcare and education, not unlike America.

Although it is not deemed a monarchy, it is considered an hereditary rule not unlike the Great British monarchy. There is much made regarding the lavish lifestyles of their leaders and there is little doubt that this comes at a cost to the people, not unlike the Great British monarchy! Although their country is clearly not without its problems and its tyranny, how can the US sit in judgement when they have one of the most corrupt systems in the world, under the guise of democracy? Indeed America is a tyrannical police state that is steadily controlling its people and ruling the most ridiculous actions as crimes. A high percentage of 'criminals' are locked up for non-violent 'crimes'.

The US government are known to be training soldiers now in readiness for the possibility of Martial Law. In truth, no country is without forms of corruption at the top. North Korea's leaders are not without their own corrupt and vain view of themselves. There is no Utopia on Earth and the variances in culture are wide and extremely diverse. The masses may judge or dismiss cultures unfamiliar to them as perverse or corrupt yet they rarely question their own equally strange culture. Strategic war and military processions are an unnatural state of humanism.

Mourners gather in Kim Il-sung Square in Pyongyang, North Korea, on Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2011, to pay their respects to North Korean leader Kim Jong-il

The Royal Monarchy opening of parliament

The Obama administration is also seeking to expand military ties with the six nations in the Gulf Cooperation Council -- Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

A huge crowd stands in front of Buckingham Palace to see William and Kate on their Wedding Day

US Marines parading next to the US Marine War Memorial in Washington

 The world's attention is currently focusing on Kim Jong Un, Kim Jong Il's little-known successor and his third and youngest son.

Trooping the colour with the Scots Guards outside Buckingham Palace

Devoted followers bow to the statue of Kim Il Sung 'Eternal President'

Ex-President George Bush inspects the troops in 2009 

General Pak Chan Su: Pyongyang, North Korea

US Army General shows off his honours

This man is actually fake but it amused me so here he is on Remembrance Day with real ex-servicemen - You get the idea. : The Truth about North Korea? - you decide.

For over 60 years, successive US governments have been nothing short of controlling bullies abroad and increasingly at home in order that those with power and influence get wealthy out of the public purse. This means the politicians and corporate owned media always have to generate and create fear. The masses are fed this fear culture believing wars and police brutality are a necessary staple of living in 'freedom'. They are led to believe it is a necessary cost. It isn't. It used to be that Americans were constantly sold the 'Communist Threat' Card. Now it's the 'Terrorist threat' card. In reality if the US packed up their troops and left the world alone and concentrated on their own National Security instead of their overactive foreign policy, they would not only save billions in public money, they'd promote peace. It is not America's place to police the World. There are NATO and the UN to deliberate on a country's conduct, which would require American participation if necessary. There is also UNICEF and Amnesty International amongst others who can make arguments over Human Rights. America needs to take their troops home from their 900 bases worldwide. What the world doesn't need right now is the US military carrying out drills on the North Korean border while at the same time provoking Iran to react.

 A North Korean officer told an Associated Press staffer in Pyongyang on Sunday that North Koreans would respond to any provocation with "merciless retaliatory strikes."
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By moving aside, America would actually be assisting in the process of helping the people of Korea. By lifting sanctions and allowing countries the opportunity to sort out their own historical and economic messes they would encourage trade, not division. This has always been the case. In fact, the likelihood is that had America moved their influence out of South Korea in the late 1970's Korea may have reunified already, giving much relief to the people and encouraging a more democratic process. During the years of flooding and natural disasters they would have been better positioned to deal with it.  North Korea can eventually find peace, trade, tourism and even reunification with the South, which is the wish of North Koreans. Once the US puppet leader, President Lee Myung-bak, the conservative running South Korea is gone and if only the US presence was gone this would be a real possibility. Instead US tax dollars are paid directly to the weapon makers, politicians and military to continue funding 30,000+ troops in South Korea to continue with their policy of 'fear'. This hypocrisy and monetary waste not only harms North Koreans but also Americans and the fragile economy. By removing their troops back to the America, the US government can begin sorting out their own Human Rights issues instead of speculating and judging others.
*Chinese are pictured here not North Korean but I used this for reference to show Human Rights Violations are not exempt in the USA.

Ok, as I'm a lover not a fighter and after reading through and checking the media I want to finish off by revealing the other side of North Korea that the US fear factory politicians, media and brainwashed sheeple wouldn't want you to see. It is contrary to the usual stock pictures you are fed on the telly or in the newspapers. When you are looking for something, in particular to assist your argument you will usually find it, positive or negative. North Korea is a contradiction, but then aren't most countries and for that matter, most cities. Like I say keep an open mind. Just because something is alien to us it doesn't  mean it's has no worth. The North Koreans love their children too. Enjoy :)

" Don't be misled by the Western media, and see everything in this country with your own eyes. The DPRK is friendly to visitors from abroad."

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