Friday, 3 February 2012

(President) Ron Paul - Philosopher, Prophet, Realist

Ron Paul - Philosopher, Prophet, Realist, People's Champion.

It is not often someone comes around who is truly inspirational and is set apart from all the rest. Dr. Paul's magnificence is really in its infancy even though he is 76 years old. I see a man who like so many greats has fought a hard struggle throughout his political life. A man who has been ridiculed and marginalized and kept down in the psyche of the American people. However, the cream always rises to the top and Ron Paul's legacy has only just begun to take off. This is a man who has patiently and consistently for years, stood apart delivering his views on unconstitutional policies and practices. He has often stood alone yet unwavering in the pursuit of the truth in government, prophesizing correctly on economy and foreign policy. Quietly going about his business, morally rejecting and positively crusading for liberty and freedom from within. And his message today is the message of all those protesters who over many years have taken to the streets. Whether it is the OWS protests against corruption today or the anti-war messages of yesterday, Ron Paul has been fighting in support of the people. At a time when all around him feed off the corporate machine, Ron Paul is resistant and strong. When the leaders have pushed for war for any reason he has consistently voted against them. He is not anti-war but anti-illegal wars. When those around him arrogantly sneer or when the mainstream media CNN, FOX, CBS and the like, ignore him he does not bend, but remains true to himself, the constitution and to his forefathers message of freedom. As a visionary he has spent years in hope and he has waited for the American people to catch him up.

Here is a man who is incorruptible and without vanity, blinding his path. He declares his income when asked ($39000) like any 'normal' person. He does not accept a pension from congress because he sees it as corrupt. He has never entertained lobbyist. Here is a humble, modest man who is more concerned with his principled message than style and soundbites. The establishment are so out of touch. The main stream media, republicans and democrats work hard to discredit him. They are so disrespectful and fearful. They have ignored him, mocked him, shouted him down and fought him with mockery, lies, deception and there is even a high suspicion that certain GOP elections have been rigged. Their comments at times have been tantamount to slander. McCain, for instance mentioning Hitler, at a debate in 2008, as comparable to a peaceful man like Ron Paul was an absolute disgraceful show. The mess the 'establishment' have made of America over the years inciting fear and hatred and encouraging greed, lies and corruption, they should be begging Ron Paul to lead them and show them how to be better people and how to drive forward peace and prosperity. I wouldn't trust any of them, but I'd trust my life with Ron Paul.

 I believe in years to come people will look back at this time. We will remember a truly great man that did or did not become the President. Did or did not get the chance to implement his policies for dismantling bureaucracy. We will look back and remember that this was the seeds that changed how politics is done or we will look back and regret a missed opportunity. Whatever the outcome the fact remains that Dr. Ron Paul is still taking off in the imagination of the people and his message is resonating. As a tribute I have gathered together some of my favourite videos in Ron Paul's name from the 1000's of You Tube videos uploaded. I hope you enjoy and continue to assist in getting him into office.

Thank you and Good Luck.