Friday, 30 December 2011

America on the warpath again? Who ya gonna call? Ron Paul!

Americans who believe aggression gets the job done are wrong, wrong, wrong. Iraq stands today as testament to that and the history behind this and other US conflicts SHOULD encourage Americans to understand this. However if this were so, why do Americans keep voting in the same warmongers and corruption kings? Why do they fall for the same old rhetoric? I can never understand why Americans actually believe the propaganda their governments continually spew out or that they go to war on their behalf. America is so used to playing 'war-games' that even though the people know that underhand military tactics and acts of unspeakable and unnecessary aggression are commonplace, they largely ignore it. Generally this is because they don't care, they feel too insignificant to make a difference or they accept and believe the decisions made "on their behalf" - whatever they are. The 'usual' leaders might be all smiles when they require votes but they certainly wont worry about locking their citizens away when it comes down to them resisting the lies that got them into office in the first place. Those voters who may believe they are standing shoulder to shoulder with their elite ruling powers will be nothing more than a numerical footnote when the shit really hits the fan. US foreign policy and the effect on the fragile economy is a danger to all of us and crippling other nations economies too.

Make no mistake Barrack Obama's tactics of aggression will bring more insecurity to the world if he remains in government. He has dropped more bombs than Bush and takes his advice from the same place Romney or Gingrich will if they are elected - the over-populated military chiefs. There is now around one General to every 300 soldiers compared to 1 in 5000 during WW2. The excessive overspend ensures the security of the elite. America is a dangerous place and it can only get worse. Before gaining office Obama said that having 9 trillion dollars worth of debt was 'unpatriotic'. In that case, almost doubling it to 16 trillion dollars and raising the debt ceiling higher must be treasonous! History dictates that at times of depression, major war follows. Wars are created for wealth, land and resources, to revitalize a weak economy, to gain power over the weak and/or to reduce the surplus population. With the threat to Iran looking more and more serious everyday, everybody should be concerned that the potential conflict could be catastrophic. Iran is not Iraq and with the 'trigger happy' US not even bothering to declare war these days, just opting instead to get straight on with it, war may have already started. Surely Americans know that more often than not it IS the US, through the CIA and covert operations, that provoke wars and cause instability in other countries in order to gain a foothold on that country's resources and political influence. I was listening to the Ron Paul campaign earlier and thinking how at last America had a potential leader who was against provoking war. Someone who could bring peace and in doing so begin paying off the national debt. Then I was struck by the thought that the American public will not vote for him BECAUSE he doesn't advocate unnecessary war and 'big government' control.

America and the people of the Middle East would benefit from the US withdrawing from the whole region and from bases around the world. Doing so would allow these countries the opportunity to talk with each other and act accordingly. The US can help to create peace instead of division and thereafter negotiate their own interest without coercion, bullying or war. The presidential elections will be watched around the world and Ron Paul is well known in the Middle East for his fair foreign policy. This means that he is somebody that the leaders in the Middle East are able to work with and this would no doubt stimulate confidence and create better relationships. Ron Paul is the ONLY leader at this time who would be able to do this. His history of not advocating war to resolve issues is apparent to all and his sincerity and integrity shines through. Can the same be said about Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Obama and company? Absolutely not. These are the people leading your sons and daughter to their deaths and destabilising the security of the US. These men support controlling policies on the American people in the knowledge that major war is on the horizon. Are Americans not aware that 40,000 laws are being introduced in 2012? Do they not make the connection between NDAA, Patriots Act, FEMA, SOPA, military training at home, strategic military placement, police training, the ailing economy and imminent war with a country that has major allies.

Ron Paul doesn't back any side other than America. He can see (LIKE ANY RATIONAL PERSON IN THE WORLD) that being involved in other countries' turmoil and struggles is a threat to your own country. He is the only hope America and the world has of avoiding a war that may become a major world war. Trade and diplomacy should be the biggest weapon for success around the world and military intervention and aggression, which is often instigated not by humanity but by greed should be avoided at all cost. Aside from leaving Iran alone the US needs to get the hell out of the Middle East too as well as everywhere else in the world and let those countries sort themselves out. If required the UN and NATO should be the 'World Police' so to speak, if at all possible to do so without bias or corruption. The US government would then be better able to rebuild their own economic mess and concentrate on National security at home.

Iran should be allowed to develop their science and infrastructure if they have the intelligence and capability to do so. Why shouldn't they be allowed to become a 'super power' driving their own economy and people forward? Iran may well develop nuclear power but they should be allowed to under scrutiny. Is the US so paranoid because of their own past atrocities and manipulation of countries that they fear nuclear attacks? Not really. This is a smoke screen to what they really want control over. Once again they want a puppet government so they can manipulate oil distribution and pricing in their favour. As this isn't happening and because Iran refuse to play ball the US are flirting with provoking war. I wouldn't be surprised if the CIA aren't over there now trying to undermine their government by creating a revolt. China and Russia are keeping a very close eye on things and North Korea, who have tried a number of times to bridge peace with South Korea only to be continually rejected by the US controlled country, are militarily very strong.

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