Friday, 30 December 2011

Re: Occupy London: Why They Are Wasting Their Time?

Occupy London:Are they wasting their time?

“All over the globe people are rising up and demanding their rights in a worldwide rally of discontent as protests inspired by the occupywall street movement spread around the world, see what is happening in OccupyLondon.

Occupy London invited ex-investment banker Simon Dixon to address the crowd and give some forecasts on the future of banking, his perpective on what needs reforming, the consequences of our current system and how to implement the reforms. Occupy London were shocked by what came out.”

Here is a guy who backs up much of the information I have spoken about numerous times in my blogs. See below:

In shorthand, there is a depression ahead. There is more debt in the world than there is money. Every pound/dollar borrowed is another pound/dollar carrying interest. The system is completely flawed and has been for over a century. This is also why the Eurozone will eventually fail and why there is a real danger of a world war. If you have savings in one of the major banks,now is the time to pull it out and put it somewhere safe. Somewhere that isn’t gambling current account savings, such as a local savings and loan or co-operative. Life is about to change. How bad depends on what happens next.

I admire the Occupy group for its efforts to wake people up. I believe it is having a better effect in America than it is over here in the UK. I do think that the message gets diluted and stereotyping hasn’t helped them. I would love to seem them collectively get behind Ron Paul now. He might not appeal to them on all issues but he is the only hope they have, the world has, of an America that is honest and respected again. He is the only candidate advocating peace and to end of corruption practices in government. Ron Paul will reduce spending and government intervention. Isn't that appealing to the Occupy movement?

If you follow my blogs this is one of the main reasons I have my eyes firmly routed to the American presidential elections coming up in November 2012. I feel that America have very dangerous, deceitful and corrupted leaders and establishments and their government especially is based on greed, self interest and how to sustain their crooked system. This is why Republican representatives will not even back their own candidate, Ron Paul, because he will not endorse the lies and will expose this abusive government. Republican runners would prefer Obama for another term rather than lose their corrupt system. Under the current administration, war and overspending is inevitable to continue and a major world war is becoming more and more feasible.

This is why I fully back Ron Paul for president. I am not a conservative myself  but he is the only person who is insistent on pulling all military out of the Middle East, ending the Federal Reserve and doing away with legislation that allows the government to arrest, detain and even assassinate anybody without trial. He is against FEMA, Patriot Act, NDAA and SOPA, legislation disguised to look as if they protect Americans but is set up to control and oppress America.  America is a fascist country now and the American people need to wake up and see what the rest of the world are seeing. If anybody other than Ron Paul represents the Republicans or if Obama is still in power after November 2012, then I worry that if a world war hasn’t already begun, then it will be a serious consideration.

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