Friday, 30 December 2011

Re: Occupy London: Why They Are Wasting Their Time?

Occupy London:Are they wasting their time?

“All over the globe people are rising up and demanding their rights in a worldwide rally of discontent as protests inspired by the occupywall street movement spread around the world, see what is happening in OccupyLondon.

Occupy London invited ex-investment banker Simon Dixon to address the crowd and give some forecasts on the future of banking, his perpective on what needs reforming, the consequences of our current system and how to implement the reforms. Occupy London were shocked by what came out.”

Here is a guy who backs up much of the information I have spoken about numerous times in my blogs. See below:

In shorthand, there is a depression ahead. There is more debt in the world than there is money. Every pound/dollar borrowed is another pound/dollar carrying interest. The system is completely flawed and has been for over a century. This is also why the Eurozone will eventually fail and why there is a real danger of a world war. If you have savings in one of the major banks,now is the time to pull it out and put it somewhere safe. Somewhere that isn’t gambling current account savings, such as a local savings and loan or co-operative. Life is about to change. How bad depends on what happens next.

I admire the Occupy group for its efforts to wake people up. I believe it is having a better effect in America than it is over here in the UK. I do think that the message gets diluted and stereotyping hasn’t helped them. I would love to seem them collectively get behind Ron Paul now. He might not appeal to them on all issues but he is the only hope they have, the world has, of an America that is honest and respected again. He is the only candidate advocating peace and to end of corruption practices in government. Ron Paul will reduce spending and government intervention. Isn't that appealing to the Occupy movement?

If you follow my blogs this is one of the main reasons I have my eyes firmly routed to the American presidential elections coming up in November 2012. I feel that America have very dangerous, deceitful and corrupted leaders and establishments and their government especially is based on greed, self interest and how to sustain their crooked system. This is why Republican representatives will not even back their own candidate, Ron Paul, because he will not endorse the lies and will expose this abusive government. Republican runners would prefer Obama for another term rather than lose their corrupt system. Under the current administration, war and overspending is inevitable to continue and a major world war is becoming more and more feasible.

This is why I fully back Ron Paul for president. I am not a conservative myself  but he is the only person who is insistent on pulling all military out of the Middle East, ending the Federal Reserve and doing away with legislation that allows the government to arrest, detain and even assassinate anybody without trial. He is against FEMA, Patriot Act, NDAA and SOPA, legislation disguised to look as if they protect Americans but is set up to control and oppress America.  America is a fascist country now and the American people need to wake up and see what the rest of the world are seeing. If anybody other than Ron Paul represents the Republicans or if Obama is still in power after November 2012, then I worry that if a world war hasn’t already begun, then it will be a serious consideration.

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America on the warpath again? Who ya gonna call? Ron Paul!

Americans who believe aggression gets the job done are wrong, wrong, wrong. Iraq stands today as testament to that and the history behind this and other US conflicts SHOULD encourage Americans to understand this. However if this were so, why do Americans keep voting in the same warmongers and corruption kings? Why do they fall for the same old rhetoric? I can never understand why Americans actually believe the propaganda their governments continually spew out or that they go to war on their behalf. America is so used to playing 'war-games' that even though the people know that underhand military tactics and acts of unspeakable and unnecessary aggression are commonplace, they largely ignore it. Generally this is because they don't care, they feel too insignificant to make a difference or they accept and believe the decisions made "on their behalf" - whatever they are. The 'usual' leaders might be all smiles when they require votes but they certainly wont worry about locking their citizens away when it comes down to them resisting the lies that got them into office in the first place. Those voters who may believe they are standing shoulder to shoulder with their elite ruling powers will be nothing more than a numerical footnote when the shit really hits the fan. US foreign policy and the effect on the fragile economy is a danger to all of us and crippling other nations economies too.

Make no mistake Barrack Obama's tactics of aggression will bring more insecurity to the world if he remains in government. He has dropped more bombs than Bush and takes his advice from the same place Romney or Gingrich will if they are elected - the over-populated military chiefs. There is now around one General to every 300 soldiers compared to 1 in 5000 during WW2. The excessive overspend ensures the security of the elite. America is a dangerous place and it can only get worse. Before gaining office Obama said that having 9 trillion dollars worth of debt was 'unpatriotic'. In that case, almost doubling it to 16 trillion dollars and raising the debt ceiling higher must be treasonous! History dictates that at times of depression, major war follows. Wars are created for wealth, land and resources, to revitalize a weak economy, to gain power over the weak and/or to reduce the surplus population. With the threat to Iran looking more and more serious everyday, everybody should be concerned that the potential conflict could be catastrophic. Iran is not Iraq and with the 'trigger happy' US not even bothering to declare war these days, just opting instead to get straight on with it, war may have already started. Surely Americans know that more often than not it IS the US, through the CIA and covert operations, that provoke wars and cause instability in other countries in order to gain a foothold on that country's resources and political influence. I was listening to the Ron Paul campaign earlier and thinking how at last America had a potential leader who was against provoking war. Someone who could bring peace and in doing so begin paying off the national debt. Then I was struck by the thought that the American public will not vote for him BECAUSE he doesn't advocate unnecessary war and 'big government' control.

America and the people of the Middle East would benefit from the US withdrawing from the whole region and from bases around the world. Doing so would allow these countries the opportunity to talk with each other and act accordingly. The US can help to create peace instead of division and thereafter negotiate their own interest without coercion, bullying or war. The presidential elections will be watched around the world and Ron Paul is well known in the Middle East for his fair foreign policy. This means that he is somebody that the leaders in the Middle East are able to work with and this would no doubt stimulate confidence and create better relationships. Ron Paul is the ONLY leader at this time who would be able to do this. His history of not advocating war to resolve issues is apparent to all and his sincerity and integrity shines through. Can the same be said about Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Obama and company? Absolutely not. These are the people leading your sons and daughter to their deaths and destabilising the security of the US. These men support controlling policies on the American people in the knowledge that major war is on the horizon. Are Americans not aware that 40,000 laws are being introduced in 2012? Do they not make the connection between NDAA, Patriots Act, FEMA, SOPA, military training at home, strategic military placement, police training, the ailing economy and imminent war with a country that has major allies.

Ron Paul doesn't back any side other than America. He can see (LIKE ANY RATIONAL PERSON IN THE WORLD) that being involved in other countries' turmoil and struggles is a threat to your own country. He is the only hope America and the world has of avoiding a war that may become a major world war. Trade and diplomacy should be the biggest weapon for success around the world and military intervention and aggression, which is often instigated not by humanity but by greed should be avoided at all cost. Aside from leaving Iran alone the US needs to get the hell out of the Middle East too as well as everywhere else in the world and let those countries sort themselves out. If required the UN and NATO should be the 'World Police' so to speak, if at all possible to do so without bias or corruption. The US government would then be better able to rebuild their own economic mess and concentrate on National security at home.

Iran should be allowed to develop their science and infrastructure if they have the intelligence and capability to do so. Why shouldn't they be allowed to become a 'super power' driving their own economy and people forward? Iran may well develop nuclear power but they should be allowed to under scrutiny. Is the US so paranoid because of their own past atrocities and manipulation of countries that they fear nuclear attacks? Not really. This is a smoke screen to what they really want control over. Once again they want a puppet government so they can manipulate oil distribution and pricing in their favour. As this isn't happening and because Iran refuse to play ball the US are flirting with provoking war. I wouldn't be surprised if the CIA aren't over there now trying to undermine their government by creating a revolt. China and Russia are keeping a very close eye on things and North Korea, who have tried a number of times to bridge peace with South Korea only to be continually rejected by the US controlled country, are militarily very strong.

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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Obama and the Lies

Wall Street's takeover of the Obama administration is now complete. "The mega-banks and their corporate allies control every economic policy position of consequence. Mr. Obama has moved rapidly since the November debacle to install business people where it counts most. Mr.William Daley from JP Morgan Chase as White House Chief of Staff. Mr. Gene Sperling from the Goldman Sachs payroll to be director of the National Economic Council. Eileen Rominger from Goldman Sachs named director of the SEC's Investment Management division. Even the National Security Advisor, Thomas Donilon, was executive vice president for law and policy at the disgraced Fannie Mae after serving as a corporate lobbyist with O'Melveny & Roberts. The keystone of the business friendly team was put in place on Friday. General Electric Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt will serve as chair of the president's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness."   Obama is a fraud!!!

The suspected ex-CIA man was opposed to and yet supported the Patriot Act, which essentially deletes the 4th amendment. Obama also signed for the indefinite detention of US citizens without trial into law under provisions of the NDAA [the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011]  "designates the world as the battlefield and that includes the homeland." - quote senator Lindsey Graham who supported the bill and argued in it's favour.

Obama said while campaigning, "Being 9 trillion dollars in debt is unpatriotic". So now that the US is 16 trillion dollars in debt and increasing by the second, does that mean you are guilty of treason?  He supported the bailouts of banking institutions that are extracting wealth from our country and stealing people's pensions and homes. The bailout money was used by the federal reserve to create 7.7 trillion dollars out of thin air, and Obama has yet to do anything about it.

He has now bombed more countries than Bush and never actually closed Guantanamo bay. He lied about ending the war in Iraq. The current withdrawal was already scheduled by the Bush administration. US soldiers are replaced by contracted soldiers. And there is a billion dollar military base in Iraq and I guarantee you that it aint empty.

The withdrawal of troops from Iraq was long overdue, 'and you can take that to the bank', and had already been scheduled by the Bush administration anyway. US soldiers have been replaced by contracted soldiers. There is a billion dollar military base in Iraq and I guarantee it is under US control.  He's started unconstitutional acts of war against Libya, which he spoke out against when Bush did the same to Iraq.

Whatever is next? Africa and Yemen? Maybe Iran or Syria? Maybe North Korea? Fulfill that cold war with some Operation Northwoods? Who knows? It's the government. Everywhere is a threat to National Security all the time. Maybe China and Russia in a few years from now for a major war?  Obama is a fraud and so is Newt Gingrich and all the GOP candidates aside from Ron Paul. A wise democrat like Dennis Kucinich should oppose Obama. Dennis Kucinich said he'd pick Ron PauI as his running mate in 2008. His trust in Ron PauI says a lot when it bridges political persuasion. 

Saturday, 17 December 2011

(President) Ron Paul - A Real Breath of Fresh Air

In 2011 the world has probably witnessed more public disorders and demonstrations against their governments than at any other time in living memory, particular within the 'western world'. Everywhere we look there has been turmoil. People around the world, at home and abroad, are demonstrating over the direct or indirect capitalist-corporate interventions that are causing corruption and ruining economies and lives. There is a feeling of revolution to the social-economic structure of the western world because it simply does not work. The people are taking issue over corruption and greed that feeds the elite 1% throughout our more 'civilised nations'. That's not to say every rich man is a bad greedy person, but policy always favour their position at the detriment of the middle and working class. The future prospects appear to be getting worse and we appear to be heading towards historic global depression. Forget Republicans and Democrats. These two models of political persuasion are too similar now to throw up any realistic alternative option. Ill-feeling towards inequality and corruption has now become a worldwide outcry and pursuit of fairness is bigger than the bunch of middle ground self-serving elitist that run the governments year in and year out.

 In the US more currency from the Federal Reserve is pumped into the economy to create an artificial ease while actually debasing the dollar further against other markets. People have watched banks collapse through mismanagement and mis-selling of mortgage debt, along with bad acquisition investments and the like. These banks are then bailed out using the public purse. The public continually endure downturns, artificial inflation and recession. All the while pensions are scrutinized and effectively altered meaning people work longer, pay more and get less. Unemployment and homelessness increases and more and more people are defaulting on their debts. Thereafter the public observe as bank bonuses of millions are then paid out to the fat-cat dream-sellers who ruined the economy for their own individual gains. Meanwhile Corporations exploit, extort and put more burden on public funds (not least environmental 'accidents' such as oil spillages). Overseas many people are used as slaves for food or meagre pay, in order to continue feeding the commercialism funded by Western companies. These people live in poverty and/or live in war torn countries that are attributed back to the US and other western powers. All the products are imported and consumed back to the West for over inflated prices.

The banking effect, greedy acquisitions, corporate monopoly and failed economic models ripple across Europe. The UK have decided to distance itself from the debt juggling Eurozone. The EU itself is looking very weak, as more and more countries' economies try to work out why this capitalism which is based on debt and overspending and a hundred years on since moving away from money that is based on a valuable resource like gold,  doesn't work.  There is little doubt in my mind, that sooner or later economies have no option other than to default on debts and collapse financially. Bailing out a country's overspending, causes resentment and will distribute debt elsewhere. When it does all collapse will the US be bailing Europe's banks out or will bankers simply 'disappear' along with their debts? Will Europe split over over extravagance and dumping debts onto each other? Will there be the beginning a new 'cold war' through sanctions and blockades? Those social commentators, politicians and economist who have been saying this for years and treated as oddballs, communist and anarchist may be proven correct after all.

 Then there are the unnecessary wars and conflict all adding to unmanageable debt. Opposition to oppression in more militarized countries is rife and the US seem obsessed with being the 'World Police' in order to continually justify overspending. Troops are sent to occupy countries (if they have resources of any value) at a cost of trillions of dollars. The idea of terrorism is continually sold to the public without much substance to justify wars that do not need to be fought. They leave Iraq no better off today than it was 10 years ago. They are now eager to focus on Iran and Pakistan. North Korea may also be a new flavour now Kim Jong-il has died and by moving more troops to Australia, the American 'World Police' are sending out a clear message to the new super power of the world, China.

So why vote at all? I have no sway towards any politician of any political persuasion. In fact, I tend to feel that all politicians are corrupt, if not at first, then later. I am not subject to influence over reason. I have not delved into presidential candidates histories too much other than archive YouTube videos and newspaper articles. I am English and have no input in the US election process.  I have observed all candidates from afar and on face value during the Republican debates. I've heard arguments for all the Republican candidates and have sensed 'the air around them' and I can tell you now. Rick Perry stinks! What is that? A joke? The man cannot even string a sentence together without an autocue or a drink. I am embarrassed watching somebody so clueless, so uninformed and in such a dangerously high position of power. He continually struggles to articulate because he doesn't know what he is saying. He is constantly reaching to the recesses in his mind. Furthermore he should be in prison for having that innocent man executed. Running for office? How? I haven't seen a bigger puppet since George.W.Bush. Wow, can you imagine what a conversation between him and George would be like. I don't know but I watched "Step Brothers" last night and two immature grown-ups talking nonsense fits well.

Hmm, now I'm thinking of "Dumb and Dumber". Nevermind... moving on. The attached Ron Paul videos on this blog are examples of why I finally decided to stick my neck out and say, "America. Here is your man." Isn't it about time America had someone in the office who is a Realist. Someone who is honest. Someone who isn't afraid to tell the truth. Someone who actually understands the rules of economics and how a 100 years of overspending has finally caught up with the Western world.  Do you know why this man flows when he speaks? It's because he knows what he is talking about and believes in what he says. He's being honest about who he is, what matters and what doesn't matter. This man doesn't speak in sound-bites he tells you how it is in plain English. He speaks from the heart and has a very realistic take on life. Ron Paul is radical and it's refreshing. He too, along with Occupy protesters, sees the Federal Reserve as illegal and the cause of much of America's troubles. When I first heard of this guy condemning the 'Fed', I fully expected to see the usual politician, hitting the right buttons, jumping on the bandwagon, just before an election. None of it! Ron Paul has been saying it for years.

Another Ron Paul policy is to recall all the troops around the world and to look after the US's own country. The US have around 900 bases in approximately 130 different countries spending trillions of dollars. Why does America think it's rightful place is to police the world when they aren't even looking after their own people properly. Don't get me wrong, if a country is carrying out atrocities; if they incite or threaten peaceful countries; if they are at war creating human rights crimes, then they should be stopped. However, we already have the forces for dealing with that. It's called the United Nations and NATO. Used correctly, this army can ebb or flow depending on requirement using the military from all nations who are signed into it. Why do the US, UK and other nations need to deviate from what is a fairer and legal representation of 'World Police'. In addition to bringing home the troops, Paul would get rid of Income Tax. Why complain about that? He will shred bureaucracy into ribbons and allow the individual to do as they please. This obviously comes with the consequence that you have to look after yourself. This is true liberty and freedom, not just a great speech, a real opportunity to have these things. That he can answer to a difficult subject like cannabis so eloquently and honestly, is quite frankly refreshing and testimony to his ideals of lessening government intervention and in reflection to his work as a physician. Working in the health industry myself, I have never treated a patient who overdosed on cannabis. Any health issue cannabis may throw up at all, pales into insignificance to alcohol. The health service we pay for and enjoy in the UK is vastly overwhelmed by the people who do not look after themselves.

I consider myself  more Socialist than Conservative. Before this year I didn't know Ron Paul had ever run for office before and I had never even heard of him. America have done a great job of hiding him away over the years. Yet here he is, telling everybody straight, and he has been consistently telling it straight for years. What I don't understand is why Americans haven't been listening to him? Why was he marginalised so much? Even without the 'propaganda' news channels trying to censor the guy, surely most of his policies make sense? There are huge motivations for Americans to vote for Ron Paul. To start off with, getting rid of the illegal 'Fed', FEMA and other bureaucratic government departments. America becomes a more peaceful nation and I, along with many others, believe much of the tension around the world would diminish; American and other nations' soldiers and citizens, no longer die needless deaths; diplomacy around the world would create better trade lines; there would be less tax to pay and wages would fall in line with inflation; the economy would dip immediately but recover quicker than continuing with the present 'debt capital' system; there would be less options for government and banks to manipulate money and cause artificial 'booms' followed by devastating 'busts' and furthermore there would be a reduction of government intervention in markets and on how people live their life.

On balance, Ron Paul is not the 'nut' those in opposition and living in fear paint him out to be. He is a very intelligent, informed and outwardly spoken man. He also appears very approachable, open and honest. To me he should make a very credible president. I would hope, although I doubt, that the 'corruption parasites' that will gather around him, never manage to manipulate him if he is ever elected into office. I hope support for him keeps rolling along and that the mockers and censors are left embarrassed by their denial of a truly inspiring man. I just wish he'd run as an independent and move from old fashioned, labelled party persuasions.  My only worry that the power-crazy warmongering Americans will shut him up in the same way they have done to other peacekeepers and free thinkers. Good Luck Ron and get that defence home quick. You may need it.

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Monday, 12 December 2011

Humanitys bullshit - A tribute to George Carlin

George Carlin (March 12th 1937 - June 22nd 2008) was no ordinary American stand-up comedian. He was a social commentator, free thinker and philosopher of mammoth proportion. Through his humour he raised social conscience and awareness. He tackled social beliefs, behaviour and social structures as much as he did to politicians, banking and corporations. He never shied from any subject and would attack his material with aggressive profanities and great gusto. His dry and pointedly direct black humour matured with his age, complimenting his material and would cut no concessions to his audience. He would tackle difficult subjects head on, including, genocide, rape, religion, war, murder and death. One time he attacked an audience by evaluating the mentality and class of people who travelled away to gamble - on stage in Las Vegas!

My knowledge of George's fantastic black humour is surprisingly only recent and yet has left an impact on me that I felt compelled to speak about him. George never received much exposure in the UK, so regretfully I missed out on him while he was alive. Until recently, I only knew George for his part as Rufus in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure". I had briefly caught a glimpse of him in the 1980's when satire was at its prime in the UK, but not enough to make a lasting impression. I only truly engaged with George, 'the satirist', when a monologue was played in the eye-opening conspiracy theory documentary "Zeitgeist". It was here that I listened to his ironical view of God and felt I had stumbled on something liberating. Many of the words coming out of George's mouth is much of how I have viewed life once I put away my childish thoughts. 'God' for instance to me was Santa Claus for grown ups and as much as I love the architecture of buildings that include churches and cathedrals, I have always been amazed that intelligent people can pray to an imaginary, "invisible man in the sky". Once we understood science, surely everyone could see how our forefathers had been mistaken in their theological inventions. Nope. Abrahamic religion is alive and well.

When I first sat at the PC listening to YouTube excerpts of George's monologues, I initially felt like I did as a teenager, stumbling on and buying an album by Peter Cook And Dudley Moore, "Derek and Clive". Back then the profanities and material discussed on that album, had me squirming so much I sat with my ear pressed hard to one of the speakers attached to my record player. The volume as low as possible, in case my 90 year old landlady could hear the words "Cunt" and "Fuck" from 3 floors away. Instead of that, today, I can pop George on unashamedly and feel like I'm in on this big secret, examining the underbelly of our existence. I was instantly grabbed by his dark political humour when I first saw him and just as I began to laugh at the world and think "right on" (like a militant student), George goes in for the kill. Before I know it, I am in his sights too.

And I think that is what I really love about him. He's not only after politicians or social injustice and hitting the usual political satire sound-bites. He's after me too. And it's because he really doesn't like people at all. And neither do I. I have said many times over the years, 'I hate people'. They seriously get on my nerves too. I really can’t do wishy-washy chit-chat about day to day things. I'd rather stay in than meet people and pretend I like them. Many times over on my blogs you'll see that I always cite people as the main obstacle for change. If everyone got together we could challenge the banks, politicians and capitalist and create a fairer world. It is people that prevent progress. Don't get me wrong, I wish everyone well and to be safe and to rise up and say "We're not going to take it anymore!" But they won’t! People moan like hell but do nothing about it and when somebody else tries to do something, these same people turn their back and say, "Don't look at me motherfucker".

George isn't a humanist at all. He is too disillusioned by the arrogance and ignorance of people to be in love with them. He had lost his faith in people long ago. Basically people annoyed the fucking shit out of him, with their bullshit mundane conversations, religious beliefs, political persuasions and career choices. He hated the pomposity of people as much as the inequalities in life. He hated peoples' apathy while others die needlessly of poverty or of brutal deaths at the hands of greed. He hated how passive people allow their government to lie to them and cover up their crimes, under the knowledge that the public are too powerless to do anything about it. He hated peoples' ignorance while corporations are helping themselves to their money through commercialism and deceit. He also hated bourgeois environmentalist, charity workers and general do-gooders who massage their consciences periodically. I see a man who once upon a time cared. Probably demonstrated over Vietnam and had real cause. But after he recognised that people are too frustrating, too fucked up to actually get anywhere, he gave up on them as a waste of effort. George is a man of my own heart, even if I didn't agree with everything he said, he said it well. He's the people's champion, but he doesn't like ya!

When I look at how structured and controlling our laws are. When I consider those people who work in the same factory for 40 years or who go to pray in church every Sunday. When I read how there are more soldiers who kill themselves in America than die in battle. When I look at how a country will desecrate another, for shiny stones or other resources. When I look at how passionate people get over characters in a soap opera or some other made up drama. And then when I look out at the vastness of our planet and the environment, and all the living creatures, the galaxy, the planets and the trillions of stars, I can't help but think, "we're a bunch of fucking assholes". How ridiculous our history is, how ridiculous our lives are, how ridiculous war is and how ridiculous is religion? And yet we will still go on living it this way. George does enlighten me but mostly he endorses the things I already think, feel and know. He simply helps me to make sense of my thoughts with great comedic style, in the language and the manner I want to hear them. Thank you George, I wish I had known of you earlier.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Why the OCCUPY movement MUST move into government

Dear Reader,

Please share this blog in its entirety, cut and copy, twitter, FB or scan off. Feel free to circulate my ideas to progress the Occupy movement with forward thinking people and movers and shakers. Thank you.

Having followed the Occupy movement with great interest, I have spent some time trawling through websites and blogs. I have to say I am blown away by the efforts and sacrifices by supporters having taken to the streets and 'occupying' the internet in an effort to change the system. Many are people who do not usually speak out, they cross political divides and who do not usually have a voice. Forget stereotyping by right wing opponents the supporters are truly diverse. This is not just an American movement but a global one. And yet I'm concerned for it's future. As admirable as the movement is there are problems that need observing and working out before it dies a death.

Firstly, there are numerous amounts of messages coming out, regarding a multiple of issues that supporters feel strongly about. All are shouting to end inequality and unfair practices, however the priority message differs towards - employment, social security, health, defence, poverty, debt, environment, climate, preservation or (to coin the phase of many a 'Miss World' contestant) "World peace". Without focus, supporters will move to a niche rather than a collective. Globally the Occupy movement needs more coverage too, otherwise the world will view this as an American protest and again it will tail off. The UK protests are very limited now.

Secondly, I am quickly lost in the maze of information and effort. It's clear that this movement is in its infancy and just getting comfortable in its skin. However, any movement needs organisation and leadership to succeed. So I wanted to seek out the mainframe but couldn't determine who that is. I settled on Occupy Wall St as the front runner, although Occupy Washington DC is equally as good. and are also excellent for collective information. It is easy to get overawed by the hundreds of occupy groups, but as yet no true representative location. I fear the quagmire will scare the average person away. Analysis of social networks suggest there are approximately 900 Occupy groups in the US and 350 in other parts of the world.

Thirdly, while it is truly amazing watching people organising themselves to collectively occupy a park or a building or a vacant property or a senator's office, my concern is that while the 'die hards' can and will dig in, others will lose focus, particularly whereby the focus is to stand or sit around for long periods of time in various locations facing hostility and risking arrest. To what ends - pneumonia? As much as I applaud the effort and hope things will change, no arrogant or corrupt power-monger will be changing their attitudes. Politicians and leaders of any group are in positions of power because they enjoy ruling. Even if they initially intended to serve you, over time they generally become tyrants. They may appease you, certainly when they want to be elected but real change will not happen. Not if your focus is to occupy for the next twenty years. This I say not to demotivate but to refocus and encourage effective strategies. You must progress or you risk stagnation. Make no demands but create change yourselves.

Below is an updated post, I hurriedly published on the OccupyWallSt. site a few days back. I have kept it simplistic as it needs much more thought and organisation beyond my own intelligence and time constraints. I would hope this would be read by those wanting progression and direction. Again as I don't know where the best brains of the Occupy movement are, so I would request that whoever is reading this would share my thoughts. Thank you.

Philosophical Ranter :)

1. You need a focal point and spokespeople to prioritise your message. You must show the issues transparently so that the people understand the fight and why they should join in (For me it is World Poverty and equalising third world nations to our own level of social structure, to someone else its the environment, to someone else it's local social security, to someone else its health...etc). Make no demands but PRIORITISE THE MESSAGES

2. You have lots of support but... Which site do I follow? Which Twitter page? Where do I discuss my points? Is it here where the movement formally took hold or should it be a national or global occupy website? I believe the movement really began with the Arab Spring and Egypt's martyrs. Therefore shouldn't we ensure that our brothers in the middle East are given a focal platform too. With no leadership there is no direction and the movement will continually go round in circles. This is why Vietnam opposition took 3 years before 50% of Americans got behind it. You need to grab the attention of all Occupy twitter, fb, Google+, Websites etc., have a common and centralised meeting ground where a negotiated message of direction is formulated. So COMMON FOCAL POINT

3. You need to fight fire with fire by getting onto the political stage. Attach other bodies that support the greater good (Global charities, civil liberty groups, marginal political groups, selected media, environmentalist, philanthropist, humanist, unionist, disillusioned politicians, student unions - this list is endless) and get representation. You have a huge support base at the moment. Don't lose it by losing focus!!! Push for fair representation in government - globally if possible. In the very least you will break up the vote and other politicians will sway towards marginals to booster their own campaigns. Remember too how popular the Green Party became a number of years back throughout Europe. They even got elected. This could really work globally, if you can get professional. So make no demands but gain REPRESENTATION IN GOVERNMENT

4. If you ran the country what would you do about the points you are fighting against? Would you cap profit? Cap the rich? And what is acceptable wealth? How would you manage change? Have you solutions while you are dismantling empires? Would you incriminate past exploitation and corruption on a global scale and how would those punishments take shape? What about issues like oil dumping, or mis-selling products or even conspiracies such as 9/11? So OPEN AND PROGRESSIVE MANIFESTO

5.You need financial backing. But you also need to be selective as to where the money comes from otherwise you will be slaughtered in the media, politicians and by social critics. The fat cat corporations will either throw weight to block your voice or to corrupt your basis. Be transparent with all funding and canvass hard from everywhere you can gain support ethically. So ETHICAL FUNDING

6. Transparency is key in ALL areas, particularly your manifesto and funding, leadership and supporters. And within your 'Common Focal Point' you also need to be transparent towards who you oppose. Target specific businesses, banks and corporations etc., who are damning the world by feeding themselves. Targeting a corporation or a particularly vile business on a monthly or even weekly basis is educational as long as it is honest. Share this focus with the world and suggest the actions. CLEAR AND FOCUSSED ACTION AGAINST GREED, INEQUALITY AND FAIRNESS, WORLDWIDE.

7. Transparency needs to be transparent! What I mean by this is the language you use, the formats, the displays, the layouts. They need to be very easily understood and accessible. Simplistic and clear. It's no good discussing issues using 'university English' or have a format website that resembles the FT or a minefield of information. If you want to grab the majority of the country and of the world, you MUST appeal to the mass audience. The masses did not go to college and NEED to understand what you are talking about before they switch off through boredom. TRANSPARENCY FROM TOP TO BOTTOM

8. Hold your hand up if you pursued the wrong direction or backing. Don't be embarrassed or ashamed to say ' We got this wrong' or We're no longer pursuing this direction because...'. Humility and honesty is admirable. Even a movement is 'human' and people respect that. And be careful who you ally with. They could be infiltrating and sabotaging your operation from within. So HUMILITY AND HONESTY

9. Finally, regarding tactics for progression from an Activist. 'Occupy' has done great job delivering awareness on so many levels. Even mainstream media are 'outting' corporations and banks through documentaries etc. But the Occupy tactics needs to progress. Highlight who they are, highlight why they are so vile and encourage the world to BOYCOTT that company. 'Outting' through a global-public watchdog would be amazing if you get it right. You can absolutely hammer a company and by doing so put fear into others. This could die a death or grow and grow like never before. If successful you will hit corrupt global banks and even the political parties. OUTTING AND BOYCOTTING

If you like this blog please also read Please now everybody go off and Occupy CNN and Fox. Make no demands, because that WONT make a change. I hope you will. I wish all of you who are actively involved in some way, the very best of luck in changing our globally corrupt social-economic structures which are based on debt and suffering for the betterment of a few. Power to the people and Good Luck.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Eurozone? It was always designed to fail!

Why do the leaders of the banks and the governments continually shuffle about with fear over the Eurozone? It is designed to fail and these are intelligent men and women who know this. Separatism or defaulting is inevitable. Even if they do cut bankers bonuses and dividends it's far too late. It's been too late for 54 years, long before the 'Eurozone' concept was even created. When the European Union(EU) joined together in 1957, (under the ECSC and EEC) it was under the précis of co-operation and unity to develop a federation and nuclear energy. Over the years it grew from 6 countries to 27 depending on economy and other stipulations. The European Monetary Union(EMU) was created to form a single currency for 17, of the now 27, countries within EU. Standing together, there was even consideration to create a United States of Europe to rival America.

Strip away the smoke and mirrors and you see a union simply juggling debts across Europe. Incidentally, the American model of capitalism is not something to be emulated. It is to be condemned as a failure and they have the advantage of language and culture on their side. In short, it doesn't matter how you label yourself or how many currencies circulate. Capitalism is always going to fail. Look at this simplistic example: I live on an island with a banker who writes money and a trader who only takes money. I borrow £100 for supplies. The bank will want back £100 plus interest of £10 for lending it to me. Recognising my debt, if I decide to dig in and give the bank its £100 back, I already owe the bank debt I cannot repay (only the bank writes money from nothing). So instead, I ignore my debt and go for growth. I spend the £100 then borrow more to continually pay for my supplies and my debt. Regardless whether I end up working for the trader or the bank, or start my own banana fuel business or lay about watching the sunset, debt has been created and can never be paid off. This seemingly perpetual motion continues until the debt is so huge that the bank will no longer lend, until I pay it off. Trading stops. With no way of creating money or paying off the impossible debt, I have no choice but to default. But...then what will happen..?

Throughout history there are periods of growth as well as periods of decline. Every decade it's a question of balancing the two and how long each period will last for. To simplifying this, so it's understood, when there is growth, politicians, economist and financiers get patted on the back, businesses thrive, employers employ, products get made and people spend. Then there follows a period of decline, the cost of living rises from all that borrowing, demand and spending, businesses can no longer sell products at premium, employers have to lay off employees and we end up having a 'credit crunch'. The nicely flowered up word to describe financial stagnation and recessions.

This is the thing. When the economy declines the government simply has two choices. Borrow money from banks or dig in to pay off debt. So which is the correct thing to do? The answer is neither. This is a no-win situation because debts grows year on year regardless. This is the fundamental flaw with capitalism. We are observing the results of a social-economic system failing on a global scale and coming into fruition after years in the making. The economy can only grow through borrowing a huge amount of money. When the economy rides the growth wave on the back of borrowing, it simultaneously has to repay the money it borrows whilst borrowing more. Money always accumulates interest (the fees for borrowing it in the first place) and therefore debt is shuffled, transferred, suffered or hidden continually and the value of money diminishes.

If the economy digs in for too long then money simply runs out trying to pay back those debts. People DO lose homes and end up impoverished because of this. So therefore short term, continual borrowing is the only way to sustain the economy until the banks stop lending altogether. After some time you have a situation like Greece. The nation needed bailing out for the 'cavalier' way they ran the economy. When the crisis hit they simply threw their hands in the air and asked 'What can you do?' In hindsight they were smart. The Greeks understand economics. They joined the Eurozone with hidden debts knowing that debt is a juggling game. It is impossible to pay off debts so it's better stacking them up and getting the Eurozone to pay for it. They have twice been bailed out now and still look likely to default. The plan? Shuffling their debts across Europe of course.

The European Union is a debt juggling exercise that ebbs and flows. Greece is the tip of the iceberg. Ireland joined with no debts but now have to bear the brunt along with countries who are more frivolous. If more countries understanding of economics is that bank debts are impossible to pay off there will surely be more transferrals or defaulting to come. Argentina did this and are now much happier but then they are part of a different trading circle. Italy, Spain and Portugal are all getting closer to defaulting finally ending up with what? Break up of the Eurozone? Banishment of failing countries followed by - sanctions? Then as we know from history, distrust, propaganda, suspicion, paranoia and trumped up hostilities as required.

War is usually enacting because of required resources, finance and/or territorial advantage. What's that you say? I'm forgetting Religion, Terrorism, Humanitarian crimes. Not at all, these reasons are how we are sold war. It's smoke and mirrors backed by media owned by the same money changers as governments. These reasons are distractions from truth. Just as the threat against Iran is not about a nuclear process that has been running since the 1950's but their rejection of the dollar as the currency of trade. Incidentally the same reason why Iraq and Libya were crushed.

Where does it leave us in the UK. No one has mentioned separatism, but who knows. You heard it here first. Come back in a decade. Separatism reduces our risk to other countries economic failures(or wisdoms) but also isolates us leaving us vulnerable to trade embargoes and the like. Nevertheless, it doesn't reduce our inevitable and continual rising debts and borrowings. Ultimately, banks flooding the market with currency would mean our pound is worth virtually nothing and the banks collapse or are forced to stop lending. Therefore we either swim alone and drowned or we swim together... and drowned.

Capitalism is doomed to fail. The rich and greedy individuals only accelerates this inevitable conclusion. The Eurozone and EU can keep sticking tape over the holes but eventually it will sink, because the model they work under cannot work. Remember if all the debt in the whole world was paid off there would be no money in circulation and we'd all still be in debt. This is fact.

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