Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Poppy Day Racists

Have been reading a lot of information and history regarding remembrance day and wearing a poppy 'with pride'. It does hold value and makes me proud. However, I have also noticed some aggressive notices amongst the messages. One which annoyed me most said, more or less, "...if you don't like our poppy fuck off out of OUR country."

I respect those who died and those who survived the wars and indeed anyone who struggles through adversity. I am also all for the many cultural and traditional beliefs that make up our nation, as well as every nation. I believe in embracing the colourful world we live in, regardless of what my own beliefs are.

I disliked the message in its totality and believe it serves no purpose today. Nor does it honour those who served and died in that war. It's a personalised, pointedly racist statement at a imagined cultural enemy that has no merit and even detracts from the ideal of remembering our nations loss.

Education, to the moronic, is dull and time consuming. They kid themselves they are superior to others, through a manipulated belief inherited from our historic leaders and forefathers. We English are so arrogant to believe that our wartime losses, our parades, our traditions etc., hold more value than any other nation's own identities, sufferings and victories?! Trying to bring people together through culture, national pride and education is lost to the racist.

Now I'm not unread enough to believe that there is no contempt towards the English from other communities and cultures in and outside of the UK. Of course there is. These are the people who share the same destructive thoughts as our own morons.

The morons grab an idea and pass it around without having come into any contact with cultural hate or negativity at all. This is sheer racism through the inherited hate of people they don't understand.

Incredibly most of the morons DO know these people on a micro level. Some will be friends, colleagues, even family from the supposed opposing communities they are spouted nonsense at. Irrational, suspicious, thoughtless, mindless drivel.

In truth, the ethnic minorities have better reason to hold the English in contempt, considering that we helped ourselves to their resources over the centuries and left many nations with dodgy leaders, no infrastructure, poverty and death. And when I say WE, I do mean OUR masters. These same masters who still send soldier-servants to die for their wealth and benefit today.

We, fortunate (or not ), live the commercial, celebrity, capitalist world we were born into. We just don't question it, but do look down our noses at those who were less fortunate to be born in a country we rape, every time we see them protest against corruption and dictatorship in their own lands.

I do believe in tradition and culture but also in an education, so that we can better understand the truth behind the world and its order. At the same time, tradition belongs to history and is no use today because it also belongs with ownership.

'OUR COUNTRY' is a divisive message creating an obstacle to a better message 'OUR WORLD'. Our world is simply a matter of rock formations, minerals and resources. This is why we fight each other.

A peaceful and fair world sees everyone get fed, have electricity, clean drinking water, tarmac on the roads, street lighting and homes where pretentious celebrities preen themselves on the telly. There is absolutely no reason why that couldn't have happened at the same time as our land was developed and can be happening today other than for corporate greed and corporate manslaughter.

Wear your poppy with pride? Absolutely.

Embrace national pride and cultural difference?
Without question.

Ignore and eradicate destructive morons from every culture?

PS. If you get time viewer, watch this movie. It's an excellent history lesson.