Wednesday, 23 November 2011

So what are you angry about?

These are the rantings of an angry man!!!

I am sick to death of how we are all taken for a ride by corrupted governments, greedy bankers and overtly self-promoting corporations.

I am staggered by the corruption, conspiracies, legalised theft and lies that are common.

I'm amazed at how cruel capitalism is and how it creates poverty and death.

I detest all racism, discrimination and bullying

I'm perplexed by ridiculous laws telling people how to live.

I am sickened by the reasons for war and how we all just join in.

I detest the inappropriate level of advertising and commercialism.

I am fed up of insurance companies that will rob you blind and give little back.

I am tired of energy companies and other services ruining our environment.

I loathe 0845 numbers and all their exploiting sister numbers.

I'm baffled by the inhumanity and backwardness of all religion.

I'm pissed off with viruses and malware being inserted on my computer.

I hate the media and all its bias, lies and misleading reporting.

I couldn't give a damn about spoilt celebrities or made up soap drama and trash TV.

and finally and most of all...

I am frustrated by us, the people who allow all this to happen.

So what are you angry about?