Monday, 14 November 2011

Open letter to the enemy of progression

Open letter to the enemy of progression

Updated 05/12/11: The videos below are not uncommon of a right wing view toward the Occupy movement. A movement that is beyond political persuasions and fights for social awareness, social conscience and a fairer system. My reply to these videos are set out  below in this blog. As yet I haven't received a reply.

I've written on some of your videos before but have brought my overall comment here, where it is easier to digest. Firstly though, I watched your videos and feel that your utter contempt for a certain social group(young, unemployed, overeducated socialists), is shrouding your view and blocking any real message you may want to deliver. It's also allowing you to avoid the actual message being brought forward. Please focus on the issues and not on a pointedly directed attack on some of the people conducting this movement through the Occupy protests. Many people supporting this movement are at home and not on the streets. We are not only, "young, unemployed, overeducated hipsters" but of all ages and cultures; employed and retired; working and middle class; and from many nations. We certainly do not fall into your narrow social categorizations in a crude attempt to stereotype this movement as socialist. Also the majority of supporters, probably 99% have not ever been down to the protests. This movement is worldwide, not just in your city and not just in the street. Please try to get beyond your political stance and your prejudice of who you believe is supporting this, because it will constantly cloud your opinion on the subject, leaving you unreasonable. Focus on the issues that are being discussed and make a fair argument against it, if that is your wish .................
Some of your points are interesting. I do agree with some of what you say regarding corporations and  commercialism. To my understanding this is a movement in its infancy and needs more direction. I believe the Vietnam movement took 3 years to really get organised before 50% of the country were behind it and against the war. I do understand your anger too at the way some protestors conduct themselves. I'd be angry too if it were my place and people were creating a mess and committing crime, which obviously detracts from the message and is sad to hear.  I do hope you are open to the argument from the other point of view too. Without getting too long winded, capitalism is being challenged by the people that live within it. That means something's wrong. So what's wrong? Well the crux of the matter is simple. This is about corruption, greed and inequality, how the economy has been raped and how this imbalance has a direct effect on people, the environment and poverty. It's not just local to you, it's worldwide. People understand that their money is wasted, they understand how they are being lied to and they understand that millions of people die needless deaths every year.  They understand colonisation and corporate slavery and even the exploitation of the Asian workforce for commercial gain. Those supporting this movement will have varying agendas as to what their priority for change is, but everyone is agreed that the greed and corruption, at the top has to stop.

Over educated unemployed student?

My angle on fairness begins with assisting third world countries to the level we enjoy. To improve their infrastructure and to develop trade and relations. Nobody needs to die through lack of food. This simply does not need to happen. I live within a culture of consumerism and commercialism and by doing so I affect the lives of those in less fortunate countries. Ultimately, I allow people to die so that I can live the life that I do. My conscience asks, 'what can I do about it?' Give all my possessions away? But then my family would go hungry and would hate me and I’d achieve nothing. Volunteer for charity? I have done much of this over the years, along with millions of other thoughtful, caring people. That doesn't seem to make much difference or even scratch the surface either. In fact, there is more people living in poverty today than there was forty years ago. That's before all the popular charitable events and organised concerts and celebrity aid programmes even started.

Occupy Wall Street elderly department

How can that be?  I must educate myself and find out why. Oh right! Well shame on me and the rest of Western civilisation. We don't just let people die by turning our backs. We are also directly killing them too. Not just neglect. Manslaughter and murder. We've been raping other countries through our banks, corporations and governments ever since we could sail any distance and claiming their land and property. I feel ashamed that we as civilised people are allowing other people to die so needlessly. It is backward and unforgivable of us as intelligent beings. We do this, as a society, through various ways, indirectly like ignorance and neglect, and directly like stripping the assets from their lands, buying third world leaders, deception, assassination, war, sabotage, murder, conspiracy, propaganda, creating impossible debt, corporate theft, land ownership, slavery, manufacturing chaos (I could go on). All this before we can get into dumbing-down education or pharmaceuticals or Federal Reserve or CIA or religion or 9/11 or terrorism.  

84 year old lady, pepper sprayed by police at the Occupy Wall Street site.

Even prior to that, the rulers were doing this to their own people and actually, they still are and the wealth inequality gap is getting wider and wider and those who do work hard, even the two parent working families, are on benefits to supplement their wages? And you know what. I am as big a hypocrite as the rest . Otherwise, I'd live in a wigwam with my knitted clothes, eating vegetables, which I grew myself, out of a clay bowl that I created in my homemade kiln. But then, if I was and so were all the other supporters, you'd say, don't listen to these gypsies, hippy new age travellers or communist and blah, blah, blah.  But… we aren’t. We are capitalist questioning capitalism. Forget political persuasions and prejudices. This is social conscience, not socialism.

Occupy Madrid

You and I DO mean to stereotype you as the typical arrogant conservative capitalist, who because you're doing 'alright' cannot possibly understand anybody who does not. The type that will always find reason, not to dip their hand in their pocket to help a charitable cause! You, along with all the passives (people who don’t care enough or  who fear the law), the materialists (people that only care about themselves and  their image), the uneducated (people who just don’t understand) and the imbeciles (immature haters who write vile provocation on everything just to amuse themselves) are the true obstacles to change. And you my friend are at the absolute pinnacle (and I do hope you are just too blinded by your own smug bias and affluence and aren’t just an imbecile hater), because you are intelligent and you understand the issue. You are the worst because you self govern and even police, without the need for government intervention or direction. You are a bigger obstacle than getting the banks to assist the poor, because through pressure they could be prompted. Where as you are so set in your ways, it is nigh on impossible for you ever to see beyond your own narrow view on life.

Occupy London

Change, can't happen over night, so designer clothes and other corporate material are not going to just go away and besides which, that’s not what this is about. To be frank though, I certainly wouldn't miss many of them and I'd be much happier with 95% less commercialism surrounding me everyday AND for the money saved on advertising to go to the third world. I do believe profit is necessary and materials are fine. As long as we're in a monetary system that's what it’s all about. But there has to be a sensible limit to individual wealth, power and ownership. Life could change for the better but firstly millions of people (like yourself) need to believe and care about fairness. Denying this movement is harmful because it continues to see people dead, making a video against a movement challenging an unfair system, in order to eradicate greed is thoughtless and to stereotype the people who follow this movement, as being unemployed and over educated is false, narrow minded and misleading.

Occupy Milan

I'm on or alternatively, and I'm on twitter as @godfather_cwq. If you or anyone wants to discuss this I shall happily find time to reply to polite discussion.  I found your video through a comment made by an American, after watching Zeitgeist 1 and 2 on YouTube(see links). He was a young educated, American male who wasn't crude, ill-informed or bigoted and that gives me hope that the kids might actually alright. 

Occupy Seoul, Korea

And finally, just to assist you with your demographics further, I am 44 years old, a white, working middle class male, from England, married with 4 children. We are both employed. I’m in health, my wife is in education. We live in a semi-detached, drive a Honda Jazz and I’m writing this on my iPhone. (The parts, of which are assembled in China. Something we both should take that up with Apple because like thousands of other Western companies, it’s wrong, it hurts our economies AND that's your pocket, mate).