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Zeitgeist - Not so innocent beginnings

The clip above is part one of the movie "Zeitgeist" in collaboration with The Venus Project. If you would like to view the movie in its entirety check the links to the right of this blog. There are three movies in total and a fourth in the making. The Zeitgeist Movement (Zeit) is run by Peter Joseph and The Venus Project (Venus) is run by Jacque Fresco. This section of the film is tackling religion and the mythology behind it. Rather than just being about religion, the movies are much more than that. They are about social and political consciousness, the corruption and greed within and look at new social economical solutions through resource based economies as opposed to monetary systems.

I advise you to watch them all with an open mind. You'll never view the world again in the same way. They certainly had an impact on me. Personally, I found these movies inspirational and they challenged a lot of the questions and doubts we may ask ourselves. However, a word of caution. I'm not so blind that I believe everything I heard and saw in these movies, in much the same way as reading ' The Da Vinci Code'. I do accept that much of the evidence is tangible and many of the messages hold weight. It delivered us a message to wake up and look at our world, but the solutions come across as too eccentric and futuristic. I'd advise anyone viewing not to take everything you see here literally and carry out your own research. Don't want another Jared Loughner on our hands, do we?!

Tucson, Zeitgeist and Madness: The Obsolete Politics of Jared LoughnerUPDATE: Another E-Mail From a Zeitgeist Follower; Movement Leader Issues ‘Message to Members’

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With regard to the conspiracies shown, I do buy into a lot of what has been said, but with caution. Capitalism is simply a label attached to an ideal. An economic system in our culture developed to acquire wealth in a free market by whatever means necessary, innocently or by underhand measures. This is my problem with the UK, Europe and the US today. It's that they have developed this USSR version of Capitalism which controls wealth for the privileged few while many others, suffer, starve and/or die. In truth most every culture has a hierarchy, corruption and an uneven division of wealth and material. There is no ideal standard. Where there is personal gain there is always greed and apathy towards others. We are merely spectators to those who control our economy and can only hope to ensure the people running the show are honest, which will always be very unlikely! Unfortunately the people who have power, are there because of the way they are. They are in power because they want the power. It has little to do with fairness, patriotism or simply looking after 'their' people.

Although I support the message of how the West has ruined many lives throughout history for its own welfare, I do find much of the solutions set out in the movie, too far out there. Hypothetically, if we had been born into a world that had never used a monetary system then the whole concept of working together as one, trading products and sharing resources would at best, only be possible with coercion, given our human tendency of  'one-up-man-ship'. As we do not, the logistics of changing to this resource based system would never happen. In it's implementation it would create major war, thus leading to human right issues, genocide, poverty and other abuses - all in the name of creating 'Utopia'. Starting to sound a lot like 'The New World Order', Super-humans and Eugenics now doesn't it?  It would never happen even if the economy crashed so hard that no one owned anything of value. Right or wrong, the nations would simply start all over again, revaluing the economy, currency and trading structures. Its a question of balance. Justice and equality can give rise to opportunity for everyone. The more we are all educated, the faster technology progresses, the better our survival hopes rise in the millenias to come.

Most of the movies' economic 'solutions', belong to Jacque Fresco of  'The Venus Project'. However, earlier this year the two groups split as they had a conflict of interest. I believe this was because Fresco and Co.,  felt that Peter Joseph (Zeitgeist) had become a law unto himself and was not promoting 'The Venus Project' enough. I understand Fresco wants to make a 'Venus Project' movie and was expecting funding and support from Joseph. This suggests to me that Joseph used 'The Venus Project' to nicely round off his movies with a solution, without truly believing in their ideology. I believe that Fresco also felt Joseph was passively passing off much of the ideas 'The Venus Project' has advocated for many years, as his own.

I applaud both groups for their efforts but am left feeling disappointed. They show us the problems with our world, the inequality and the corruption. They then offer up solutions, such as redesigning cities for maximum efficiency and super machines building everything, which to be honest starts feeling 'culty'. This is the major fail here for me. I would have liked these two groups to have been always kept separate. Together they have undone themselves. That these two groups have fallen out in relation to a concept that can only be described as 'hypothetical' is pretty sad. Boys, it's simply a nice dream that is not feasible because of our history and in truth, our inherent competitive nature.

If you enjoy these movies, I also recommend you watch "End of Poverty", "Inside Job" and "Food Inc". Oh and basically anything by Michael Moore such as "Farenheit 9/11" "Capitalism: A Love Story". Look out for "The Big Fix" too a follow up to the excellent documentary "Fuel".