Friday, 18 November 2011

The Incredibly Persuasive Wizard of Oz

"There's no place like home, there's no place like home..."

I consider myself semi-intelligent. I had a moderately good education. When it comes to sociology, politics, philosophy, economics or pragmatism, I am mostly self taught. Particularly as any teaching I did have on these subjects often focussed too much on individual theories and came from an angle, which was gobbledegook to me (great word).

Therefore I do not have an intricate knowledge of consumerism or all the economical rules to a finite level. Nor do I know the policies for banking and politics. I don't understand the red tape within the legal systems or its loopholes. Nor do I need to and nor am I supposed to. Let's face it a lot of these things are put in to baffle the average man into submission. It is all just smoke and mirrors. However don't let this dissuade you from getting involved. We do not need the over-educated pomposity to grasp a generalisation of right from wrong. We need only to be conscious of the world around us. We need only to be aware and to support our understanding through balanced objective information.

For all my understanding of world history, there is an undeniable and sinister link between all things; religion, politics, war, poverty and social economics. As I go through life educating myself on the ways of the world, I cannot help but be continually astonished at just how corrupt the ruling class really are. I have developed the holistic view of the ruling classes having limited conscience when it comes to limitless corruption, in order to acquire more and more power. I recognise that I am explicitly lied to and exploited by successive governments, advertising, business, religion and media, in order that I remain submissive to their needs.

But that isn't my focus for this rant.

Many of us do recognise that there is injustice and inequality in our world and that banks, corporations and the government achieve all manner of immorality, in a never ending quest for capital, acquisition and power. However, nothing angers me more than the absolute acceptance, the sheer ignorance, the ironical mocking or the complete apathy towards all these things by the people living it. The strongest supporter of capitalist oppression. YOU!

The absolute truth is this. The real power in the world belongs to the people. By sheer weight of numbers the people can overthrow governments, social structures, religions, etc. In fact any system the people disagree with can be opposed and got rid of. The people can do this through active protest and demonstration. Or they can do this by simply not participating. People power has at times shaped policy and rhetoric.

For the good it did, look at the short term success the boycotting of petrol pumps had when people stood together at grass roots level. I use this example because we can empathise with this and recognise our own dissatisfaction. I'd discuss people-power in the Middle East and how revolutions have overthrown governments but many of you may dismiss this as anarchic, militant or maybe even just get bored and stop reading.

Most cultures know the story of 'The Wizard of Oz'. You can either take this as a mad, meaningless story and on face value or you can question the thinking behind the book by Frank L. Baum in 1900. Some say it was a snipe at the rich who wanted to add silver to the gold standard (yellow brick road). Others throughout the century have used to suit their timeline. I will allow you to do your own research into the history of the story and the implied references. If you got this far you possibly will.  Indeed you can still use it today as an allegory for many subjects. For my blog it highlights people's reaction to the smoke and mirrors. So...

Dorothy represents the activist libertarians challenging the world and whisked off by a whirlwind of revolution. The witches represent political movements. The Wicked Witch of the East are the restraints to Liberty that have been opposed successfully (Communism). The Good Witch of the South (Libertarian Republican) encourages us to follow the yellow brick road (the route back to sound money) to find Oz (Fake Socialist) in Emerald City(Crony Capitalism, where they make money from thin air). She also gives us silver shoes (Money - They are silver shoes in the book :p). The Wicked Witch of the West is constantly throwing fear at us to try to stop our progress (Rival Republican). The final witch is not mentioned much at all (Possibly The Green party or the Loony party and all other marginal groups) - Give me a break, I'm making this up as I go along!

Along the yellow brick road we meet the general public! The Scarecrow (the manipulated and uneducated) The Tin Man (the uncaring, apathetic and passive) and The Cowardly Lion (those living in fear and who dare not question the law). We try to convince them to join us. As we get closer to our objective, Winged Monkeys (self regulating members of public, crony capitalist, media, police and military) keep attacking us to stop us from challenging the system. (Shut up they shout. Pah!)

We finally get to Emerald City and challenge the all powerful mighty Oz. With fear we ask for his help to bring back Liberty but he will not help us. Not unless we vote him back in, then he will gladly put our issues on his agenda. If we agree his rival The Wicked Witch of The West will melt away. We agree but on our return we discover that we've been lied to. We were manipulated to believe Oz is all powerful, but he isn't. He is self-serving, corrupt, weak and a greedy fat puppet run by Emerald cities bankers and corporations and keeps order by making us all live in fear. Dorothy, the voice of the people, demands Oz to grow a pair and help us. Ooh and this is the best bit...

Along with sentiment, sound-bites and well wishes, Oz hands out; A brain to the ignorant - 'made of bran, which he mixed with a great many pins and needles'; A heart to the apathetic - 'made entirely of silk and stuffed with sawdust'; Courage to the cowardly - 'A square green bottle of liquid???'

So basically, tokenistic changes to appease and yet have no real worth to us. Oz doesn't have anything real to give us but get this - EVERYBODY is happy! (Mr. Baum, you are so idealistic!)Or at least after all the demonstrations and objections and effort, nothing really changes and everyone settles back down. Even Dorothy who represents the Libertarian revolution is silenced by this illusion. Why? Not only because humans are corruptible and selfish or easily confused but because they generally given up. We get our dose of bullshit and are elevated into the vague clouds and go home. And Oz simply goes back to fooling everyone until the next Oz is voted in.

And the moral of the story is... There is one?

Even when people are provided with the truth and there is ample information providing it (9/11 and JFK, CIA and drugs, control policies, poverty through greed, lying media, banking that only creates debt, corruption within our financial system, illegal wars murdering millions of innocents etc., etc., etc.), the people will continually do nothing. The true power belongs to the people yet they do nothing and not because they can't organise themselves. The people are, The Scarecrow, The Tinman, The Cowardly Lion and the Winged Monkeys. They are passive, confused, uneducated, resistant, uncaring, apathetic, lazy, corrupt, violent and fearful. And those who do resist are also  corruptible, marginalised, brutalised, smeared or even got rid of  (shh). In any case people will continually fall for the illusions of Oz because he baffles the average man. It's all smoke and mirrors to help the rich stay rich. And that's what makes him so clever.

Ok  Breathe....calm, calm. Aaaaah. And rest.

Now. Did I mention Alice in Wonderland and Horton hears a Hoo? Well....