Friday, 25 November 2011

Be CLEAR on cannabis

Which one is justified here? :

Downloading 800 child pornography photographs that include rape(800), a judge decides that this man obviously has no previous history and is no threat to children. That if he went to prison he would come out worse so there's the logic.

Or giving a two year sentence, for growing a substance to use and sell, that causes no significant harm to anybody using it. This guy clearly will not come out of jail worse for mixing with the criminal element.

This is just a simple example of the ridiculous inequalities and injustice within our legal system and the lies and propaganda spewed out by our media, to scare everyday folk into believing cannabis is the same as all drugs. I could litter this blog with them. Following the propaganda in the Daily Mail, a young girl commits suicide. Her mental health issues tipped her reaction when she was revealed to having been using cannabis.

It is unbelievable that a substance that in direct contrast to cigarettes and alcohol is causing no harm to others, is treated by the law as worse than dabbling with the likes of child pornography. That can cause the death of a teenager because of the shame she felt for using a substance that carries such a socially unaccepted stigma. This is a sick tiresome world we live in and it is wrong.

Please get your weight behind legalising cannabis by supporting the bodies who work very hard to try to make this happen. Cannabis Law Reform (CLEAR) and Peter Reynolds @tweeterreynolds, are the main voice in the UK for the legalised use of cannabis. Much of the push surrounds the medicinal use of cannabis and for controlled use, akin to cigarettes and alcohol.

CLEAR have set out clear guidelines which I have set out below:

1. To end the prohibition of cannabis.
2. To promote as a matter of urgency and compassion the prescription of medicinal cannabis by doctors.
3. To introduce a system of regulation for the production and supply of cannabis based on facts and evidence.
4. To encourage the production and use of industrial hemp.
5. To educate and inform about the uses and benefits of cannabis

Edited from their website, CLEAR is registered as a UK political party. It gives credibility, respectability and, during elections, a right to fair coverage in the media. They do not seek to win seats in parliament because they are concerned with only one issue. They aim to support politicians who will support a safer, more responsible policy of tax and regulation of cannabis. They will work against those who support prohibition.

I joined today!

If you are interested in this article please visit the CLEAR and add your signature to the petition as set out below. Thank you.

CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform Legalise cannabisResponsible department: Home Office A desire for the House of Commons to give a comprehensive debate regarding the merits of legalising cannabis. A need for Parliament to discuss the consequences of legalisation on health, the police force, the economy and our civil liberties. An aim to classify cannabis in line with drugs such as alcohol and tobacco.

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