Friday, 21 October 2011

Russell Brand and Occupy Wall Street

Caught this earlier on my Twitter page.

@rustyrockets - I went to and all I wrote was this lousy article

Thought it an amusing articulate read. So thought I'd reply and share with you all. Read article if you are interested. My reply is below. Enjoy (if you like)

Democracy rules, um, ok? Check the mirror – What have YOU done today to make YOU feel proud?

Nice colourful read Russell, thank you. As you made such an effort I felt compelled to join in. I do Hope this isn’t just a footnote though. Are you planning to be more involved? Will you promote this cause in other ways? Do you really see change from the hand that holds us down? (Selling the drama).

I’d like to, but I seriously doubt anything major will change. Politicians are politicians because they like power, not because they serve the people. Aristotle and Plato talked of Utopia. Politicians are all about realism not idealism. Money talks etc…

Corruption and exploitation. It’s older than any government and will always be part of our lives. As for the public’s view on scandal. We all just tut and moan, but basically will keep on voting in the next bunch of scandalous thieves who will in turn support and legalise corporate theft from powerful allies.

Greedy, selfish ‘capitalist’ will alway ensure that they and their buddies are overfed, while the the majority starve. They’re enjoying our money through tax, fees, fines, restrictions as well as exploitative corporations such as banking, insurance and energy companies who fund government as well as pay corporation taxes from our money. This cash is used to fund their ‘first class’ existence.

Let’s face facts though. Most people are the same. Yes it’s true! They are just less fortunate, lazy or too moronic to gain power. Do not trust anyone! Ok that might seem Machiavellian but most people want more than they own and let’s say, are apathetic to another person’s suffering or plight. Particularly, if they are from a “third world country” and starving until they die.

Ok middle class Britain/America you can stop reading now because this isn’t quite the ticket. Is it? What what.

Most people don’t see beyond their front doors Russell and before you and/or anyone else dismisses that statement, please deeply consider how many people can vote vs how many people do vote vs how many protest against crimes of morality let alone humanity.

We are all generally selfish outside of our small part of the universe or are conscience cleansers. That’s just inherent human behaviour. So don’t believe everything you hear just because a nice chunk of people get together to ‘stand together’. No one tells you what they really think.
However, the ministry for parasites worldwide have screwed us and the economy with their greed, while we are given a lot more transparency through the media. That’s mostly it in a nutshell, it has little to do with poverty in the world.

The #ows is a very small piece of an enormous jigsaw puzzle. Democracy is a fanatical religion not to be messed with. To bring about a radical representational change by hyperthetically sitting around singing “kumbaya” and “We shall overcome” is more than hopeful.
The working middle classes will keep moaning but ultimately, will cling hold of a democracy in exchange for the order that will keep them pacified. Control us, keep us orderly and suck as much money out of us as you can get away with. Overdo it and some of us will rock the boat a little. Here and forever after.


P.S. Slowly getting used to this blogging malarky. Still a bit sore but applying ointment liberally so should be blogging smoothly in the coming days.