Monday, 24 October 2011

Cannabis is safer than the scaremongers would have you believe.

Updated 16/11/11

Thats right cannabis (marijuana) is safer than any other stimulant including caffeine and alcohol and is not even as harmful as salt and sugar (if you're a heavy sugar 'user' be warned, you can end up losing your limbs and I'm not kidding). So if you're closed minded and live in fear of your outdated beliefs, you may as well piss off now. This article isn't for you and let's face it, it doesnt matter how articulately it is written or how much evidence contradicts your sceptism. If you're not open to reason then just go now.

Go on, stop reading, off you go.

Have they gone? Good.

They are the most frightful borish people. Prejudiced on more than one topic too, I usually find. Some still dismiss dinosaurs roamed the planet and believe masturbating makes you go blind or insane, that if you are an ethnic minority you should be a second class citizen (if that) and that the law is never wrong, oh and that they are never wrong. Glad those people arent here reading this.

Anyway enough of my trivial pet hates over ignorant, uninformed, misguided bigots. If you are reading this not just out of interest but because you want a better understanding i.e., because your a kid or you're a parent wanting to protect your kids, then do read on. Part of the reason for me writing these blogs is to air my views and get this stuff off my chest, but also to inform whoever stops by and even if you want to chat about this or anything else on these blogs.

Drugs are a difficult subject to tackle for most people. Cannabis has unfortunately been lumped in with every other drug. The 'drug' label in itself doesn't help. Having a substance discussed as 'using', 'taking' or 'doing' sounds immediately seedy and gives off the wrong message from the start. For example, I dont 'use' lager, I drink it. I dont 'do' cigarettes, I smoke them (I actually gave up 4 years ago). I don't 'take' salt, I sprinkle it on my dinner. (I saw someone the other day in the pub, pouring salt all over their dinner. I almost had a heart attack watching!!) So lets just say I 'enjoy' cannabis, because that sounds much more fun already.

In my honest opinion and experience (25 years) I havent seen any adverse effects for myself or anyone I ever knew who enjoy(ed) it. That includes those who enjoy(ed) cannabis daily. And by the way, its not addictive. There are no cannabis anonymous meetings going on, on a Monday evening after a tricky weekend. Nicotine is addictive, not cannabis. My only concerns with smoking on a 'joint' is mainly just that, 'Smoking'. Tobacco can cause serious illness over time because it contains carbon-monoxide and that is why I ultimately stopped smoking when I hit 40. (That said if a spliff was going around now and I wasn't having a drink and it was the right atmosphere... Rock of Ages!)

However consider this, especially if you smoke. If you smoke 'joints', you will decrease your chances of tobacco related health issues by more than 50%. Others may argue differently, suggesting that cannabis burns hotter and therefore is more dangerous to your lungs. They may also argue that there is no filter in a spliff and is therefore more damaging. However the main fact they don't mention is that you will smoke significantly less and you will find your cigarettes will last twice as long, if not longer. This is because when you make up a spliff you use half as much, or less tobacco as a normal cigarette. Tobacco pouches are also usually bought rather than packaged cigarettes for ease of use. Pouched tobacco is not as damaging to health as they carry no artificial chemical additives. A 'spliff' also takes time and effort to make, so when you do sit down for a smoke its more of an occasion, whereas a cigarette is instantly available. You dont nip out for a quick spliff (well....occasionally). Make no mistake though smoking cigarettes is a health risk. Reducing smoking reduces those risk and in general terms cannabis smokers, smoke significantly less than that of a regular cigarette smoker.

I will say this though, enjoying cannabis can occasionally have adverse effects, not unlike alcohol where you can be ill. If you are going to enjoy a spliff or two, make sure that this is during a recreational situation and you arent off to work or driving. Being 'stoned' wont help you concentrate on heavy machinery in any case. I wont go into all the possible effects, mainly it is a relaxant, gets you talking deep and meaningful nonsense and then creeps up on you by giving you the giggles. That's about it, you laugh and love everyone. One thing it doesnt do and which I have read on numerous occasions, is make you hallucinate. That's other drugs, not this one, Unless I've been smoking it wrong all those years.

I wouldn't advise continually enjoying spliffs daily 24/7. This is nothing to do with losing 'brain cells'. I'm sure drinking is worse and I like a drink too yet I never see many people judging me on that basis. Personally, I wouldn't want to be stoned daily, because I have other interest and commitments and to be honest it just isn't as enjoyable on your own. Again that's just my opinion though. I wouldnt advise pregnant women to either, again because of the harmful tobacco. I doubt it would be a problem from a bong but there's not enough researched knowledge about that, so I wouldnt risk it in any case. Oh and best avoid booze and spliffs, it'll make you throw up and want to die ('whitey').

Cannabis can be inhaled through a bong which, in my opinion, is safer than smoking and it can even be ingested (mixed with orange juice etc., if you're desperate). Actually, I've heard there is a marijuana wine thats new out. I believe its sold in Portugal, so I need to read up on that. Seems to me like a contradiction in stimulants though. I'm not going to go into the whole cannabis vs alcohol argument. Mainly because I enjoy both, but I also think it's a pointless argument. If I was tempted into campaigning, it wouldn't be on those grounds. Governments are only funny. They might listen for a change and ban booze too.

I just want fairness, freedom and to be rid of a 'nanny' state that tells people what they can or cannot do. Just make EVERYTHING legal and improve everyones education with all the known FACTS. That way we are all armed with the truth and not rumours and scaremongering. The law has controlled, good law abiders into believing rubbish for generations and they in turn end up alienating friends and family with dodgy beliefs. How many people do you think die because of health issues with tobacco? From alcohol? From acid? From E? From marijuana? From cocaine? From heroin? I dont know the stats. I wont bullshit anyone, (I dont work for government) but if the tables linked below are to believed tobacco and alcohol are coming in at around a million people per year compared to zero deaths through cannabis. Cannabis is mentioned on death certificates a handful of times although there is no scientific evidence suggesting this contributed at all in a single death. In fact, if you put together ALL drug deaths per year they come to around 2,500. Thats in a population of 7 billion people. Does make you wonder what the scaremongers reasons are for doing that.

There is no doubt whatsoever that in relation to vices, alcohol and tobacco and not cannabis are the real hazards when it comes to danger to yourself or others, either through injury, accident or illness. If you take tobacco out of the equation, then marijuana is seemingly harmless. I work in health, funnily enough, and I've never seen anyone in hospital suffering from the effects of marijuana. I've seen plenty of COPD, cancer and vascular illnesses caused from tobacco. Through alcohol, I have seen incredible, (unbelievable) things. In comparison Cannabis Oil and sprays are proven to reduce cancer and ease suffering of medical conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis.

Below is a link to an online book that will further assist. It will also help you to understand why your government is lying to you, depending on which country you live in. It is an excellent read. You can also find links to articles and awareness sites at the bottom of this webpage.

Oh and if you are a parent concerned about your kids, whether it's drugs or not. Try talking 'with' them rather than 'to' them (or at them) and find out more about what makes them tick. Everybody has their own personality but the influences around them, help shape them. Try staying inside the loop and be understanding and use respect through friendship rather than force. It might prevent you from years of ill feeling, broken bonds, misunderstanding and who knows even prevent them going towards heavy drugs, late nights, bad crowds and more sinister secret stuff, that you won't know about - until it's too late.

Rant Rant...Just breathe...Just breathe..... Aaaaah.

So why is it illegal?? Read, consider and discuss. Keep an open minded :)

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